2011 Recap

2011 is over, and it has been an interesting year for Esoteric Articles as a site. Overall, the site’s popularity has risen multiplied by roughly ten since early January. Not a stunning result, but still a respectable climb. Herein, the positives and negatives of 2011 for Esoteric Articles as a site will be discussed.


Curiously, the most popular articles on my site have proven to be articles on Chat Bots with the articles about Cleverbot and iGod coming in first and second as highest ranking pages. The Cleverbot article in particular accounts for near half of the sites overall traffic, coming in as a surprise hit with viewers. For the Cleverbot chat AI, the main cause of success seems to be a mixture of a simple name, a good mobile app and a particularly popular video by Cornell University. It serves as a good case study for a successful web application.

Another surprising boost to Esoteric Articles results has been from discussions, specifically on Reddit. Pages from the site have been posted a few times on Reddit, which then brought a major influx of visitors. This even caused pages from the site to be some of the top 10 most viewed pages on the Internet as recorded by Alexa, if only for a few hours. It really is great when people appreciate some of the better analysis articles on the site such as the Silent Hill 2 Monsters analysis and the Pulp Fiction Vincent Vega Analysis.


The most disappointing articles have been the video game analysis articles concerning newer games. Specifically the articles on games such as Cleverbot. Silent Hill: Downpour have proven to rank lower than they probably deserve. The issue here is that the field is somewhat saturated, but it is a little frustrating that organizations such as IGN and Wikipedia seem to get a free ride in regards to ranking due to their overall popularity, while also providing either low quality or paraphrased content. IGN certainly get the inside scoop on videos and such, but their actual textual analysis is often a little lacking.


The site has grown, which is obviously a pretty big positive. However, many of the articles that have been particularly successful may not truly have deserved to be. While the Cleverbot article is certainly popular, this does not necessarily mean that it was good. Furthermore, the game analysis of Silent Hill: Downpour is a far superior article to most that are on my site and being outranked by Wikipedia and IGN is somewhat depressing.

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