3 Most Overrated Websites

The three most most overrated websites on the internet. Digg, Facebook and Myspace all get a clear mention for being overrated.


Digg is comfortably the most overrated website, a truly awful website. The problem is that people exploit the voting system to get their own websites and articles higher in the list. The site idea itself would work fine if everyone voted as individuals, but because groups vote with each other only their chosen pages and articles make the front page. Once there, they are destined to receive more votes due to more voters seeing the article and thus the concept behind the site does not work. Digg is simply broken.


While Facebook is actually a good site, it is also overrated. What other social media site has its own movie associated with it? The very definition of overrated, despite how functional and efficient the site may be.


Myspace has come a long way in regards to site design, but during the earlier days the place was clumsy. While the concept is clearly meant to be a small portion of the web for people to decorate and create themselves, what this ultimately tended to translate to was a billion high resolution images and some loud, auto-play music that was seemingly chosen to annoy.

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