Alexander Movie Analysis

Oliver Stone’s Alexander the Movie remains a very underrated and bold piece of cinematic work that perhaps attempts too much for its own good. What makes the movie particularly interesting is its exploration Alexander’s desire to escape fear and thus destiny, but also the manner in which he falls back into it in a way that he does not anticipate. This is all mixed together with a collection of prominent Myths from Greek mythology. All of this will be explored herein, of course with spoilers.

Alexander Movie Myths

The myths of Greek mythology are a primary focus of the movie and are introduced very early on in the movie. For the sake of this, the movie’s version of the myths will be discussed and their relevance. The interesting thing is that Alexander fulfills almost all the myths, but does so in ways that he does not expect and thus his father’s words that he too will one day be judged harshly comes true.

Achilles Myth

Alexander Achilles Wall Painting

The Achilles Myth is Alexander’s favored myth as a child and involves the great warrior Achilles who avenges the death of his lover Petroclus by killing Hector. Alexander wishes to become like Achilles, who has a choice to die at an old age but without glory, or to die young but with great glory. This myth comes true in an odd way as Alexander goes to defend Hephaestion after he is poisoned and then is poisoned himself.

Oedipus Myth

Alexander's mother Olympius (Angelina Jolie) and his wife Roxanne (Rosario Dawson) compared.

The Oedipus myth is, against odds, the main myth that seems to come to reality for Alexander. In the Oedipus Myth, Oedipus unknowingly marries his mother and kills his father. Upon finding out, he removes his eyes. This comes to reality for Alexander in his marriage to Roxane, as she is very much like his mother.

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