Best Study Music

The best study music, focusing on music without lyrics.

Baroque/Classical/Romantic Study Music:


Bach’s ordered Baroque music makes a great companion to study, and as an added bonus many of his pieces are also quite long.

Tocatta and Fugue in D minor


Beethoven’s music is often just that bit too passionate to be used to study with, but there are a few pieces that are just subdued enough.


Violin Concerto in D Major


Water Music in Suite F


Elvira Madigan Piano Concerto

Jupiter Symphony

Film Soundtrack Study Music:

Hans Zimmer – Thin Red Line Soundtrack

While many of Hans Zimmer’s soundtracks tend more towards a fast pace unsuited to study, his soundtrack for Thin Red Line is very good.


James Horner – A Beautiful Mind Soundtrack

James Horner ‘s soundtrack to the motion picture A Beautiful Mind is really a great accompaniment to study. Particularly notable tracks are:

Track 04 – Creating Governing Dynamics

Track 05 – Cracking the Russian Codes

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