Braveheart Freedom Scene Analysis

The scene in Braveheart where William Wallace yells ‘freedom’ rather than asking for mercy from the torture is one amongst many of Braveheart’s iconic scenes. Despite the iconic nature and immense popularity of the movie Braveheart and this particular scene, few have attempted to analyze it deeper.

Braveheart, Freedom and Good Faith

The central topic of Braveheart is freedom and the struggle for it. At first this is in the obvious sense that Wallace wants freedom for Scotland, but there is another more existentialist side to issue. Throughout the film Wallace is constantly urging those around him to accept their freedom even in the face of death. This is in line with the existentialist argument that all humans are innately free; it is lack of faith in that freedom that results in subordinate positions. With this insight, aspects of Braveheart make even more sense, particularly the line: “They may take our lives, but they will never take our freedom”, which Wallace delivers in a famous speech.

Overall, the various other kinsmen are struggling to accept this freedom in the face of potential negative consequences. This is ultimately overcome with the help of William as he cries freedom despite the most extreme and painful torture.

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