Ciao Surveys Review

Ciao Surveys is an England based survey company that delivers mainly Australian related surveys. This article will critically review Ciao Surveys and offer a guide to how lucrative the company is for those filling out surveys with it. The short answer is that overall it is not very lucrative, in fact not lucrative at all. However, for those that are targetted by the correct niche of advertising the survey company may actually prove possible. The problem is that those people are likely to be making money elsewhere already so the survey system has little point for them.

Quick Reference:

How much can be made:

  • $10 per week to $40 per week, depending on survey eligibility
  • Lowest payment for a survey: $1.00
  • Highest payment for a survey: $7.00
  • Extra paid for inviting friends: $1.00
  • Threshold payment value: $5.00
  • Payment method: Paypal
  • Payment time: Processed at beginning of month, delivered near end (6-8 weeks)


Easy to use
Surveys do not take as long as suggested
A lot of chances to take surveys (for me in Australia)
System to increase survey opportunities by giving more information
Need only reach threshold value of $5.00 to be paid


Surveys generally only give about $1 payment
Not eligible for many surveys, yet surveys appear as offer to test eligibility
Payment system can be a little confusing at first
Paypal account is only payment option, could do with check option.
Takes too long to deliver payment
If you crash during a survey, it counts as completing it but you do not get paid and cannot retake it


Made about $4 in two weeks, though missed quite a few surveys.
Surveys offer more depending on your situation, those with family and job get highest
The best paid survey site

How Does Ciao Surveys Work?

Basically, Ciao Surveys works much like any other online survey company in that they basically offer survey opportunities for small sums of money. How this basically works is that you create a login with some personal details and then the site offers you surveys, which upon completion offer small sums of money.

Are Ciao Surveys Legitimate?

Ciao Surveys are indeed a legitimate company, so they will not be mucking you about by either giving away your details or not paying you. Despite their general trustworthiness, one problem concerning Ciao Surveys has arisen for me. One of their surveys asked to install a piece of monitoring software on my computer. Whilst I had the chance to choose yes or no, I am not sure any of their surveys should be asking for such things personally. However, they do not seem to attempt to hide their actions.

Is Ciao Surveys Easy To Use?

Whether Ciao Surveys is an easy survey company to use is a difficult question. The menu system and surveys are all intuitive so it is fairly easy to use in that sense. However, the payment options could be expanded beyond pay pal only and the surveys can be frustrating when they take five minutes of your time solely to test whether you are eligible to take them. It sometimes seems like they are getting a free mini survey using this method of testing eligibility. Also, another issue is that sometimes the site crashes randomly and if you are part way through a survey you cannot resume or restart and do not get paid.

How Much Money Can I Make Using Ciao Surveys?

Truthfully, you really cannot make all that much money using Ciao Surveys. The average survey payment is roughly $1 per survey, which is for about a one-minute survey. I personally made roughly $4 in two weeks of taking surveys, however I will concede that someone with children who spends more money shopping would probably make double that due to more lucrative survey opportunities. Still, its not really much money and is really in doubt as to whether it is worth it.

What Is The Final Verdict Concerning Ciao Surveys?

You can make a few extra dollars, but it is hardly worth it really.

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