Final Fantasy 10 Auron Analysis

Final Fantasy 10’s Auron was an iconic character, one that is familiar yet very original. Subsequently, he has remained a popular character years after the games release, which is odd given the characters age and personality. Despite this, few have attempted to explore Auron’s personality and character.

Final Fantasy 10 Auron

Final Fantasy 10 Auron’s General Characteristics:

Auron is in essence the straight man of Final Fantasy 10, the character that cuts through the lies or manipulations of those around him and tries to point out the truth. As such, he tends to be introverted and a strange mixture of mystery and logic until the end of the game. In terms of appearance, Auron wears a red set of traditional clothing, a kimono like attire, combined with sunglasses. This is most probably meant to be a deliberate, ironic anachronism as the sunglasses are most likely from Zanarkand and thus not fitting the technological period of Spira. The kimono attire strongly resembles attire sometimes worn at Japanese funerals when a friend dies, signifying his grief at the deaths of Jecht and Braska.

Final Fantasy 10 Auron’s Opinion of Yevon:

Auron’s opinion of Yevon is shaped by his history with the organization, which started with him as a warrior monk for the church. Ultimately, due to his principles, he was somewhat shunned by Yevon as he refused to marry the daughter of a high priest. This resulted in a promotion that was meant for him going to Wen Kinoc. Auron is basically meant to be the opposite of Yevon in that he really does wish to help people but does not give fake flattery, whereas Yevon gives fake flattery but largely wish to help themselves.

Final Fantasy 10 Auron, Jecht and Braska:

The interesting thing about Auron, Jecht and Braska is that they were all rejected by Yevon. Braska (Yuna’s father) was rejected for marrying an Al Bhed. Jecht was rejected for saying he came from Zanarkand. Despite this, each of them have a strong sense of inherent morality, which is basically the reason each of them became rejected. Jecht could have lied and said he did not come from Zanarkand, but he stuck to his story because it was the truth. Braska could have avoided marrying an Al Bhed, but he stuck by his love for an Al Bhed woman. Auron is the same, in that he could have married the high priest’s daughter, but did not because he did not truly love her. Because of this common morality, the three formed a very tight bond that enabled them to defeat Sin.

Final Fantasy 10 Auron And Tidus Commonality:

While Auron and Tidus do not seem to have so much in common, in truth the commonality between the two plays a large part in the plot. The key characteristic they share is that the right thing should be done even against the odds of survival. Auron attempts to argue this point to Jecht and Braska, before they sacrificed themselves. This further leads Auron to go to Zanarkand and look over Tidus, despite the journey to Zanarkand seeming impossible. Tidus constantly attempts to argue for the right thing, but also gets emotional and bursts into tears when he feels that what he wants was not received. That is in essence why Tidus cries, because he refuses to accept compromise when it means he will lose something he wants. It is this refusal to accept things as they are that culminates in the defeat of Sin.

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