Final Fantasy 10 Themes Analysis

The themes of the video game Final Fantasy 10 explored and discussed, focusing on the plot and details of it. This analysis is meant to illuminate aspects of the game rather than serve as a guide on how to complete it. Of course, this means it may contain spoilers.

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Final Fantasy 10 Themes

Final Fantasy 10: Parenthood

Parenthood is one of the main themes of Final Fantasy 10 and is explored in a number of ways. The first manner in which parenting is explored is in the relationship between Tidus and Jecht, as well as Auron to a degree. Tidus has an immense dislike of his father, but actually also loves him at the same time. It is this complex relationship with his father that essentially drives Tidus to behave in the manner he does. On the other hand, Yuna has an interesting relationship with her father and something more akin to great respect. She wishes to do her duty as a summoner just as her father did.

Final Fantasy 10: Reality vs. Dreams

Reality and dreams, as well as the difference between the two, is a strong theme in Final Fantasy 10. The first manner in which this theme manifests itself is in the obvious difference between dream Zanarkand and that of real Spira, as well as between real people and people who are dreams such as Tidus. This particular distinction is important, because it is Tidus and Auron’s desire to make the dream of a better world a reality that essentially drives the plot forward. Thus, Tidus and Auron both prefer the dream and hence try to plant that dream on reality, even if reality suggests it is not possible. This causes Tidus to cry when his dreams are not fulfilled, as well as causes Auron to lash out.

Final Fantasy 10 Sub Themes

Final Fantasy 10: The Evils Of Religion

The evils of religion are explored through the Yevon religion. They are explored by showing the corruption within the religion as well as its tendency to selective allow and disallow acts depending on who is to gain from them. This theme is truly more of a ‘power corrupts’ type theme, focusing solely on religion.

Final Fantasy 10: The Evils Of Technology

The evils of technology are explored through the history of Final Fantasy 10, namely in the war between Zanarkand and Bevelle that lead to the creation of Sin. The history suggests that Bevelle, a more technologically advanced nation, was at war with and soon to defeat Zanarkand when the summoner Yu Yevon created Sin to respond and destroy their technology. Of course, Sin went out of control and began destroying all groups with technology, good or evil. Because humanity can never truly be free of technology, even if it is simple technology such as spears, Sin was destined to destroy all humanity.

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Final Fantasy 10: Main Characters


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