Final Fantasy 10 Tidus Analysis

The character Tidus from Final Fantasy X received some fairly unfavourable responses from fans of the Final Fantasy series. Herein, the character Tidus will be examined. Of course, this article contains spoilers.

Final Fantasy 10 Tidus Analysis: General Characteristics

Tidus is strongly extraverted and has a bubbly personality, particularly for a male. He wears a necklace that is a mixture of the letters T and J as well as a fish hook, representing both the watery environments he enjoys as well as the first letters of he and his fathers names, Tidus and Jecht. Tidus also has a tendency to cry when things do not go how he wishes.

Despite this, he also has a strong concept of justice that underlies any of his reasoning. The underlying cause of his crying is his inability to respond to what he believes, rightfully or wrongfully, to be an injustice.

Final Fantasy 10 Tidus Image

Final Fantasy 10 Tidus Analysis: Tidus Is The Sun, Yuna The Moon

Tidus is basically meant to be the ‘sun’ of Final Fantasy X. His hair is blonde, his skin bronzed from the sun and his clothing features colours associated with a sunny day’s sky. Yuna is contrasted against this with her clothing having colours and dress designs associated with a night sky, for instance the stars on her dress. Particularly interesting is how scenes associated with Yuna often occur at night or in a setting that seems like night, such as the confrontation with Yunalesca and the scene in the spring with Tidus. In this scene, Tidus speaks of watching the dawn in Zanarkand, namely watching the meeting of night and day which leads to a romantic scene between the two characters. This also has yin/yang connotations, with males being represented by the light and females by the night.

Final Fantasy 10 Tidus Character Analysis: Auron and Tidus

While it would seem that the two have very different personalties, Tidus and Auron are actually very much alike. The particular trait they both share is a sense of justice and duty to those around them, which they pursue even if it means they will suffer or be unpopular. This particular trait of refusing to compromise forms a key aspect of the plot and results in Tidus and Auron succeeding in finally destroying Sin where Braska and Jecht failed.

Final Fantasy 10 Tidus Analysis: Jecht, His Father

Tidus’ relationship with his father Jecht is perhaps the most complicated relationship of the game. Tidus hates his father because he feels he mistreated him when he was young as well as because of the strong affect he had on his mother. However, through the events of Final Fantasy X, Tidus grows to see his father as a brave figure that is able to compromise in situations that he cannot. While Tidus is ultimately more successful because of his lack of ability to compromise, he respects his father’s ability to do so at cost to himself.

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