Final Fantasy 7 Jenova Analysis

Final Fantasy 7′s Jenova played an interesting role in the story as an entity that travels across the universe essentially sucking the life, called the life stream, from planets. Herein, Jenova’s relevance to the Final Fantasy 7 universe will be discussed and analysed. As a result, this article will contain spoilers.

Final Fantasy 7 Jenova Analysis: Overview

Jenova is said to be an entity that travels across the universe and sucks the life force from planets. According to Final Fantasy 7 lore, this life force is a stream of green energy that flows beneath a planet’s crust and is responsible for fueling all life forms of that planet, which are subsequently born from the life stream and return to it once they die. The planet on which Final Fantasy 7 is set has been attacked by Jenova but was saved by the early ancestors of humanity, who imprisoned it thousands of years before the start of the game.

Final Fantasy 7 Jenova Analysis: Jenova As A Virus

Jenova truly resembles a parasite, most clearly a virus. It goes about infecting planets and reproducing itself in a very similar manner to how viruses infect cells. As each of the planets is a living entity, Jenova is essentially a virus of the universe. The crust of the earth is basically the cell wall, with the life stream representing the interior cytoplasm. As a result of this, while Jenova is a powerful creature it lacked any real sentience until its cells were injected into a child who would later grow to become a sentient version of the virus, Sephiroth.

Final Fantasy 7 Jenova Analysis: Jenova and the Monsters

When facing the boss battles against Jenova, it would seem that Jenova is a huge being. In reality, Jenova can be almost any size that is suitable to infect those around it. The monsters of Final Fantasy 7 are largely the result of Jenova infecting creatures that were natives to the world on which the game is set. This can even include humans, which is why Jenova’s appearance in the tank was that of a pale blue woman and also is the reason Sephiroth was born as an evolution of Jenova.

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