Final Fantasy 7 Sephiroth Analysis

Final Fantasy 7′s Sephiroth is often seen as the iconic villain of the Final Fantasy series of video games and perhaps of video games in general. Despite this, the reason why he was so well received as a character are not so often discussed in any sort of depth. Herein, Sephiroth will be analysed by revealing any metaphors related to him. This article does contain spoilers.


Sephiroth was a member of the military organization called SOLDIER and was basically a heroic and somewhat legendary figure before disappearing some time before the events of the game. As he was growing in the womb his mother was injected with Jenova cells, Jenova being an entity that travels from planet to planet and dries them of life in order to feed and replicate itself.

Sephiroth As Sentient Virus

Jenova is in essence a virus that travels about the universe and infects planets as though they were cells. As a result, Jenova is extremely powerful relative to humanity but is also lacking any real sentience. Due to being injected with cells from Jenova as a child, Sephiroth essentially became the ‘child’ of this virus alongside his human parents. As a result of this, Sephiroth basically became a sentient incarnation of the Jenova virus and longs to repeat what Jenova did by draining the life force of the planet and travelling to other planets.

Sephiroth As WMD

In order to understand how Sephiroth can possibly be a metaphor for a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) elements of Final Fantasy 7′s back-story must be compared to World War II. For example, the Shin-Ra Corporation represents the United States of America as a group controlled completely by business, ala US capitalism. The Wutai, with whom Shin-Ra was at war with, represent the Japanese. Sephiroth is the result of the science of the Shin-Ra and was instrumental in the defeat of the Wutai, just as the nuclear bomb was the result of the science of the US and instrumental in the defeat of Japan. Further reference of this metaphor is how the scientist Hojo is his father. Following this war, Sephiroth essentially turned against the Shin-Ra, which is where the game starts off.

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