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Final Fantasy 8 Themes


The core theme of Final Fantasy 8 is, of course, love. However, beyond being a simple match up romantic comedy type love theme it explores how important romantic duality is to the lives of individuals through the relationship between Squall and Rinoa.


Time serves as an important theme in Final Fantasy 8 and is used repeatedly throughout the game well before time compression is brought up. The first example of time being used as a theme is Squall’s remembrance of his childhood while laying in his dorm. This serves to establish why Squall became the person that he is. The second example is in regards to Ultimecia manipulating events from the future, when in reality it is more exploring the concept of time leading to a specific destiny. As Ultimecia is essentially Rinoa, or at the very least the result of Squall and Rinoa not getting together, the true method for defeating her is via Squall and Rinoa’s love for each other resulting in a change in the time line.

Final Fantasy 8 Sub Themes

Introversion vs. Extraversion

Introversion verse extraversion is a theme of Final Fantasy 8 that is largely played out in the relationship between Rinoa and Squall, but also with Quistis and Seifer. In a way, Rinoa and Seifer have quite a bit in common as do Squall and Quistis. However, it is important that they do not form relationships because Quistis does not challenge Squall, nor does Seifer challenge Rinoa. As Squall and Rinoa challenge each other and make each other better human beings, it is they who must form a loving relationship with each other. This is explored all the way to the ending, with Rinoa’s compressed time becoming an extraverted storm and Squall’s a deserted, introverted desert.


Final Fantasy 8 Characters

Final Fantasy 8: Main Characters

Rino Heartilly
Squall Leonhart

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