Final Fantasy X Anima Analysis

Anima as Female Aspect of Seymour’s Subconscious Mind Final Fantasy X’s anima is more than just another of Final Fantasy 10′s summons, it has a clear symbolism related to the antagonist Seymour. Herein that symbolism will be discussed and analyzed. This, of course, means the article contains spoilers.

Final Fantasy X Anima Analysis: Overview

Anima is a bonus summon that can be acquired from Bikanel island, the area that Tidus is stranded upon at the start of the game. The Anima summon is actually dreamt forth from Seymour’s mother, who is its fayth. She intended to be used by a very young Seymour to defeat Sin, but Seymour backed out. He then later moved her to Bikanel, which was the location of their mutual exile.

Final Fantasy X Anima Analysis: Anima’s Relation to Seymour’s Mind

The name Anima is clearly derived from the Jungian psychoanalytic theory of the ‘anima’ archetype. The Anima archetype is in essence the female aspect of the subconscious mind, whether that mind is male or female. In the case of males it is the feminine side, defined by his experiences with women in general and most specifically his mother. As this is the case, the Anima summon is in actuality the female aspect of Seymour’s mind and hence the name. When summoning Anima it is dragged up from beneath the earth, in other words it is pulled from the subconscious to the conscious.

Final Fantasy X Anima Analysis: Anima’s Overdrive

Anima’s overdrive, called oblivion, sends the enemy beneath the earth to face a particularly vicious monster attached beneath Anima. This said monster then launches into a volley of hits against the enemy, dealing an incredible amount of damage. Basically, the creature in the overdrive is in actuality Seymour’s shadow archetype, which represents the negative emotions associated with him. Due to being another part of Seymour’s mind, it is still technically attached to the top half of Anima. As Seymour has given in completely to his shadow archetype, the archetype comes to represent him completely and it is ‘beneath’ Anima as though Anima was giving birth to it, just as Seymour’s mother gave birth to the ‘monster’ Seymour.

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