Five Bad Taste Games: Five Sickest Video Game Concepts Ever

Despite their reputation, games really tend to be roughly as violent and distasteful as movies and as with movies sometimes a few really awful game concepts make it to development. Here is a list of the top five sickest video games created.

1. Super Columbine Massacre RPG – 2005

Comfortably coming in at number one on the list, this game contains so many distasteful elements it is hard to know where to begin. To start, even considering making a game about the Columbine Massacre is quite appalling, yet alone making the player characters the two shooters. Furthermore, having the actual names or likeness of the Columbine victims as well as basing the games areas directly on the school based upon video footage is truly in bad taste.

2. Postal – 1997

Postal is the ‘story’ of a player-controlled postman who goes around killing civilians after being evicted from home. Basically, the objective of the game is to kill a certain volume of civilians before moving onto the next area to do more of the same. What makes the game disturbing is once again the tone and seriousness with which the theme is presented. The game spawned a large amount of negative publicity and reactions including its sequel, Postal 2, being banned in Australia and an attempt by the American postal service to sue the company, albeit unsuccessful. A movie was even made by the much-maligned Uwe Boll, arguably with equally disturbing and distasteful sequences.

3. Custer’s Revenge – 1982

Rape is always a difficult topic for any form of media, yet alone a game boasting it as its main objective and attempting to use the topic in a light-hearted fashion. The basic objective of this game is to approach a tied up Native American woman without being shot by arrows, at which time your character ‘apparently’ ravages her. Custer’s revenge is arguably the earliest example of a truly distasteful video game and would probably be higher on the list if not for its dated graphics that can make it difficult to understand what is really going on anyway, though perhaps for the best.

4. JFK Reloaded – 2004

The idea of JFK reloaded is to attempt to recreate the conditions of the John F. Kennedy assassination by playing the sniper/s involved and is hence one of the worst of a series of sick shooting games. Overall, JFK reloaded is simply a repulsive idea for a video game due to its clear real world attachments and also the seriousness with which it is presented. Whilst a game such as Grand Theft Auto could be considered worst based on content, Grand Theft Auto is deliberately presented as being a ridiculous idea whereas JFK Reloaded takes itself too seriously. As such, JFK Reloaded has earned its fourth place on the list of the top five bad taste video games.

5. Sewer Shark – 1992

Although not as distasteful as its name might suggest it is fairly clear that any game that involves spending large amounts of time in a sewer is going to be full of bad taste moments. The game basically consists of a ship that flies through the sewers, destroying various pests in them. The end goal is to get to an island where the main characters boss lives, displayed in some of the most distasteful in game movies to grace gaming ever. In truth it is hard to tell what is more distasteful, the sewer levels that comprise most of the game or the repetitive fat jokes presented in the cut scenes. Either way, Sewer Shark is one of the most distasteful games ever made.

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