The Top Five Best Video Game Music Themes

There have been a plethora of great video game musical themes and making this list was very difficult. Herein, the top five pieces of video game music are listed.

The Top Five Best Video Game Music Themes: 1. Metal Gear Solid 3 – Epilogue

The epilogue to Harry Gregson-Williams’ score to Metal Gear Solid 3 is perfectly fitting for the moment and brings the whole ending alive. The entire Metal Gear Solid series has had some great musical themes, but the epilogue for the third in the series remains the best video game music theme for the series. A honourable mention goes to the main theme for Metal Gear Solid 3 played by the Eminence Orchestra.

The Top Five Best Video Game Music Themes: 2. Silent Hill 2 – Betrayal

There are various different versions of this particular theme by composer Akira Yamaoka, but the best of them includes a series of scraping metallic sounds. What makes this particular theme so effective is that it represents the main characters subconscious by integrating metallic grinding sounds associated with masculinity to create tension. A truly unique piece of music, Betrayal from Silent Hill 2 comes easily in second of the Top Five Best Video Game Music Themes.

The Top Five Best Video Game Music Themes: 3. Vagrant Story – Climax of The Graylands Incident

The game Vagrant Story was somewhat looked over, which is a pity given how great a game it is. In particular, it has one of if not the best video game soundtracks. Of this great soundtrack, the track that stands out most of all is ‘Climax Of The Graylands Incident’, a track that is played to accompany the opening part of the game and contains a great variety of different tracks.

The Top Five Best Video Game Music Themes: 4. Final Fantasy 12 – Opening Theme

Upon the release of Final Fantasy 12 Hitoshi Sakimoto was praised for the music but it was often said it was not as good as Uematsu’s themes. It must then be wondered what the reviewers were listening to, as Final Fantasy 12′s soundtrack is the best in the series and is demonstrated clearly in the introductory theme which accompanies the opening movie sequence.

The Top Five Best Video Game Music Themes: 5. Final Fantasy 9 – Dark Messenger

This particular theme recalls the older types of themes present in games and somehow is better for it. Composed by Nobuo Uematsu, the theme Dark Messenger accompanies a battle towards the end of the game and fits it perfectly. Many other choices are often present as being Uematsu’s greatest composition, but Dark Messenger is his best almost by accident. It is the composition that is most representative of his style.

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