Five Trends All Dystopian Future Movies Must Adhere To

The future of humanity is bleak and must be prepared for. Here is a list of tips that movie futures can give us on what to expect in the future, so now you have no excuse to be surprised.

1. Clothes Must Be In Tatters

When the harsh future arrives it seems that everyone with any arts and craft skills dies out very quickly, because the clothes absolutely ‘must’ be ruined and in tatters. Furthermore, colors are strictly forbidden with the exceptions of Grey, Brown and Black. Any attempt at fashion is also strictly forbidden, unless that fashion reflects further the harsh conditions. As such, the use of mechanical objects or bones in clothing is acceptable.

2. Bad Hair Styles Are In!

With the fall of humanity and civilization comes the rise of incredibly bad hairstyles heavily inspired by the punk movement. Despite the harsh conditions of the period, people will manage to find both the time and the products to spike their hair into crazy shapes and patterns. Conventional haircuts are strictly forbidden and only acceptable for those that will soon die, so avoid them at all costs.

3. Cage Or Pit Fights Will Become Popular

With the lack of television and other popular forms of entertainment simple sports will not be enough to entertain the masses and they will thus resort to blood sports such as cage fighting. Any heroic figures should particularly beware of this as if they are caught there is a high chance they will end up participating in one of these cage fights.

4. Human Bodies Will Not Be Buried

The fall of civilization will also result in the fall of all hygiene and spiritual practices associated with dealing with dead bodies. Subsequently, any corpses will be left to lie around and be eaten by whatever animals are about. They will also be left to rot in any shelters people are using.

5. There WILL Be Underground Shelters

Five Survival Tips from Movies About the Future For unknown reasons surface structures will become unusable and particularly unfashionable. As such, many people will resort to living in various kinds of underground shelters or in the sewers. This will be the case regardless of whether the cause of the fall of civilization was anything that could actually be hidden from or not. There is also a high chance that living in these underground areas will cause them to resort to violent, bizarre and often cannibalistic practices. These practices will often cause them to be the enemies of the people who live on the surface.

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