Five Worst Final Fantasy Characters

Final Fantasy has had its share of bad characters, but here I will list the five worst Final Fantasy characters that stand far below all the others.

1. Cait Sith – Final Fantasy 7

Some argue that Final Fantasy 7 was the best game in the series, but Cait Sith is definitely the worst character in the series. Seriously, it’s a giant, round, pink beast with a cat riding on top of it that pummels things with its fist. If all of that was not already stupid enough, it turns out to be a machine that is remote controlled by the enemy. This makes Cait Sith the worst character in the Final Fantasy series, with a bullet.

2. Wakka – Final Fantasy 10

While Wakka was not so bad in terms of character development but he uses a ball as a weapon, a ball! Seriously, you cannot use a rubber ball as a weapon. If you gave Ronaldo a choice between a sword and a soccer ball as a weapon, I am certain he is not going to choose the soccer ball. Its not a weapon, its not meant for that and does not work like that. Its not going to hurt enough, its not going to get through armoured foes. Really, the ball was just an incredibly stupid idea and made it so hard to take the character seriously. You cannot use a ball as a weapon!

3. Penelo – Final Fantasy 12

A fourteen year old girl fighting monsters and adults is a terrible idea that removes any sense of danger and realism from the combat. Not only that, but she is just such a typically cutesy type of character. Now, you might argue that there is one of these in every game but at least the others were either optional characters like Yuffie or had special knowledge like Rikku. It seems clear that Penelo would simply slow the group down, or die quickly.

4. Selphie – Final Fantasy 8

The Final Fantasy series desperately needs to stop including cutesy characters with combat abilities, and Selphie is another prime example. In almost every scene she is in she is late, fumbling and childish yet manages to be an efficient fighter for seemingly no reason other than ‘she is’. Stupid.

5. Queen Brahne – Final Fantasy 9

Perhaps the single most stupid looking character in the entire Final Fantasy series, Queen Brahne looks like an over-emphasized, norse, opera singing freak. That she is basically the villain for the first act of Final Fantasy 9 makes the game very difficult to take seriously.

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