Fun Things to Do in Oblivion

The game Oblivion is really quite innovative and its free form gaming allows for a great number of fun things to do. Herein, fun things to do in Oblivion will be revealed.

Play A low Level Criminal

While playing an epic, high level, ultra powered criminal can be fun it is far more rewarding to play a criminal character when the stakes are high. Try playing a thief and actually attempting to steal or assassinate characters way above your level.

Start Fights Between Citizens and Guards

Starting fights between citizens and guards is hilariously funny, as the battle can spread and truly get out of control. One of the best ways to do this is to go to areas such as the Market District in Imperial City and cast frenzy randomly on others. The guards sometimes even fight amongst themselves.

Become Hated By Everyone

The idea with the social skills system is that people will like you more, not less. However, it can be fun to deliberately perform poorly so as to hear their negative comments wherever you go. There is just something so funny about being insulted wherever you go. This is a must do for people playing anti-hero types.

Play A Marksman

The Marksman is actually some of the most fun in the game for a whole range of reasons. Firstly, the arrows stick in the enemy, which looks cool. Secondly, sneaking around and attempting to stealthily take down enemies is just great fun.

Kill The Adoring Fan

There is a fairly well known fan NPC that you can acquire by performing well at the arena. After a while he begins following you, I suggest taking him to a high mountain and kicking him off it, or placing him in any number of obviously dangerous situation.

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