How to Understand Philosophy

Understanding philosophy can be difficult for a whole variety of reasons. Often the concepts themselves are already hard to understand, the writing style is a little dated and the context in which the author is writing is foreign to us. This guide is intended to help people learn how to understand philosophy. Slow Down The [...]

Morality Without Religion: Can Morality Exist Without Religion

The manner in which human beings can develop morals without religion is often the cause of heated debates and arguments. Whether morality can exist at all without religion is the core of the issue, with religious groups often using the argument to attack secular groups and institutions. Herein, the question will be discussed fairly and [...]

Expensive Wedding Rings: A Repulsive Premise?

Expensive wedding rings are intended as a sign of love and union between a couple and serve as the symbolic sign that a man or woman has entered such a union. However, is this a good thing? Are there any moral problems with the manner in which the wedding ring is used as a symbol [...]

The Most Controversial Quotes of All Time

The most controversial quotes of all time listed. Including feminist, political, celebrity and misogynistic quotes. Read through some of these great discussion points and talk about them with your friends. Force always attracts men of low morality. – Albert Einstein If a man is proud of his wealth, he should not be praised until it [...]