Innocence of Muslims Review and Analysis

Innocence of Muslims

Innocence of Muslims reviewed and analysed in as balanced a way as the film possibly allows. Overall, the film is very bad and it is actually quite amazing that it managed to cause so many issues given its lack of quality. Herein, the positives and negatives of the film will be discussed. Innocence of Muslims Review As [...]

Japanese Horror (J-horror) and Technology

Ringu Sadako

Japanese horror, called J-horror, differs somewhat from western horror in that technology is often featured strongly rather than the western aesthetic of associating horror with the old or natural world. Herein, Japanese horror and its association with technology will be analysed. J-horror And Technology: Overview Many Japanese horror media items, particularly movies, include strong ties [...]

The Disconnect Between Actors and Characters

Gladiator Maximus Russell Crowe

It may seem like a trivial statement to say that actors are not their characters. However, there is something that remains odd about actors who portray characters who are protagonists and yet have drastically different personal values. Herein the disconnect between actors and their characters in film will be explored with examples. Russell Crowe and [...]

Roger Ebert Analysis

Roger Ebert

An in-depth and constantly growing analysis of Roger Ebert as a film critic that focuses on his review styles, arguments and controversies. Roger Ebert really is a great film critic, and as with all great critics he often finds himself in controversies due to his style as well as the arguments he feels compelled to [...]

Inglourious Basterds Review

Inglourious Basterds Cover

Review of Inglourious Basterds which attempts a balanced approach to the film. Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds is a good film, though not without fault. Here are the positives and negatives of Inglourious Basterds. Positives The film develops an incredible sense of tension. Violence is fast and every character feels vulnerable, partially due to Tarantino having no [...]

Inglourious Basterds Analysis

Inglourious Basterds Cover

Inglorious Basters analysis that explores the plot and significance of details of the film. Unlike Pulp Fiction, Inglorious Basterds wears its significance quite visibly on its sleeve. It is a Western in which the Nazis are the cowboys and the Basterds are the indians. Plot The plot is a somewhat typical western plot but the [...]

Jean-Luc Godard Criticism

Breathless Cover

Criticism of Jean-Luc Godard which aims to show that he may not have been so great a film maker after all. This is a negative view of the style and approach of Jean-Luc Godard to film. Technique The problem with Godard’s style is that in reminding the viewer they are watching a film as he disrupts [...]

Silent Hill Revelation 3D Characters

Silent Hill Revelationd 3D Heather Mason

The characters of Silent Hill Revelation 3D. A listing of the various characters from the film Silent Hill Revelation 3D, based upon characters from the video game Silent Hill 3. There are some differences between the characters in Silent Hill 3 and Revelation 3D, but overall they are relatively similar. It is worth noting that [...]

Silent Hill Revelation 3D Monsters

Silent Hill Revelation 3D Nurse

The monsters of Silent Hill Revelation 3d. This is a detailed listing of the monsters in the upcoming Silent Hill Revelation 3D, based on the video game Silent Hill 3. The following is speculation but may contain spoilers. Mannequin Spider This monster appears to be completely new for the movie and not really related to anything specific [...]

Things You Missed in The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Joker Burning Money

Subtle things you missed in The Dark Knight. Take a second look at some of the scenes from the movie to catch some great things you may have missed. Everything Burns In the scene where the Joker sets fire to the money you will notice that Lau is placed on top of the pile of [...]

Mathematics as a Plot Device in Media

A Beautiful Mind Maths

Mathematics as a plot device in various media such as film and television can be a very effective device, specifically for establishing the intelligence of a character. Herein the use of maths as a plot device in media will be explored. Mathematics as Example of Intelligence The great advantage of using mathematics as an example [...]

Dark Knight Rises Bane Preview

Dark Knight Rises Bane Catches Batman's Punch

Character preview of Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, with speculation as to his motives and plans. Motive Bane’s motive appears to be to right an injustice caused by Gotham city, most likely related to political influence on his home nation. However, Bane’s idea of righting an injustice is delivering judgement and punishment upon the [...]

Prometheus Analysis

Prometheus David

There are a quite a few great themes running through the plot of Prometheus in need of analysis. While the movie has received some strong and unfair reactions about the portrayal of science, overall it attempts to do many interesting things through the course of the plot. Unfortunately, many of these points went overlooked by [...]

Why Prometheus Will Be a Good Film

Prometheus Alien

the release date for Prometheus, the latest in the Alien series and a prequel to the first Alien film, is just around the corner and promises to be a major event. Trailers provoked a lot of positive enthusiasm for the film and it looks set to be a bigger box office hit than expected. Ridley [...]

Movies Debunked: Silencers

Rather than debunk a specific film I decided it was time to debunk the silencer’s portrayal in movies. Silencers are a staple of the action thriller movie, particularly when it relates to government agencies and espionage, but the truth is that they are not anywhere near as effective as movies tend to portray them for [...]

Hannibal Lecter Character Analysis

Hannibal Lecter

Hannibal Lecter was the break out character of Silence of the Lambs with an Oscar winning performance by Anthony Hopkins. However, the analyses offered so far do not seem to adequately cover important aspects of the character such as his modus operandi. It is worth noting that this guide mostly focuses on the Hannibal Lecter [...]

Five Reasons Why Gorror Movies Don’t Work

A recent horror movie trend that has arisen is including particularly gruesome and gory scenes intended to be scary. This particular form of horror is given the name ‘Gorror’, a mixture of gore and horror. Herein, the five reasons why gorror does not particularly work well as a form of horror will be revealed. Too [...]

Roger Ebert’s Challenge to Gamers

Film critic and Pulitzer Prize winner Roger Ebert has gathered a degree of infamy amongst gamers, and specifically gaming related press, for his view that video games are not art. In this article I am taking the view that Ebert’s position is a challenge to gamers and designers to produce art in the gaming context. [...]

Roger Ebert Vs. Video Games as Art

The well-respected and popular film critic Roger Ebert has made his fairly negative views in regards to video games no mystery with statements such as ‘video games represent a loss of those precious hours we have available to make ourselves more cultured, civilized and empathetic’¹. The question then is: is Roger Ebert right or wrong [...]

Top Five Scariest Movies

Horror movies have long been a popular genre for moviegoers as they enable them to safely encounter and confront situations that we fear, and hence to come to some kind of resolution concerning them. Herein, the top five scariest movies are listed and explanations given as to why. Top Five Scariest Movies: 1. Alien A [...]