Paranormal Activity Movie Analysis

Paranormal Activity is one of the success stories of the year, a horror movie with a small budget making millions due to its extremely tense atmosphere. While a lot has been said of the movie, little has been said of the meanings behind some of the events.

Paranormal Activity Movie Analysis: Devil’s Hour

It is clear when watching the movie Paranormal Activity that the supernatural apparitions arise most strongly at roughly 3 AM, which coincides with the devil’s hour. Essentially, the immune system is at its weakest at roughly 3 AM, which results in most people who happen to be ill dying at roughly that time. As a result of this, this particular time began to be seen as the time period in which the forces of hell had most power on earth. This theme has been employed in Paranormal Activity, with the time on the camera clearly showing 3 AM when a lot of the hauntings occur.

Paranormal Activity Movie Analysis: Demons of the Night And Subconscious Desires

An evil, supernatural entity that strikes at night, and more specifically around people in bed, is very likely to have some kind of sexual influence playing on it. For instance, the Succubus and Incubus are demons that strike during the night and have a strong sexual element to their attacks, allegedly to create demon offspring. The demon in Paranormal Activity seems to have similar tendencies, which would suggest that it partially represents an underlying sexual desire that the character Katie has. This is particularly evident in the scene where it got into bed with her, as well as how the demon sliced the picture of Micah. This also explains why it has always stood over her while she was sleeping, including the unsettling assertion that it did so as she was a child.

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