Playing FLV Files in Winamp

Playing FLV files in Winamp is a useful way of accessing video files downloaded in the increasingly popular flash format, such as Youtube videos. As such, the difficult .flv format is becoming increasingly important for video players to access. Follow the steps below to get FLV files playing in Winamp.

Playing FLV Files in Winamp: What are FLV files?

The Flash Video file format, shortened to FLV, is a format for displaying videos that was designed primarily for use over the Internet. As such, the file format has become particularly important lately with the large increase of video hosting sites online. A particularly noteworthy site that hosts videos of this format is You Tube. As such, being able to work with these files is important if anyone wishes to either play videos they have downloaded from sites such as youtube, or if they wish to prepare and examine videos before they are uploaded.

Playing FLV Files in Winamp: Setting It Up

The first tasking in setting up Winamp to play FLV files is to download a utility named FFDShow, which can be downloaded here. Upon completing this download, begin installation and eventually a prompt will arise which allows selection of components from a list. In this list, make sure that the component entitled VFW interface is ticked. The next section of the installation will allow the selection of additional tasks that the program will perform. In this section, the following standards must be ticked:

FLV1, FLV4, H263
VP5, VP6

Before continuing on in the installation, confirm that under the column with the title Decoder and next to the above-mentioned video formats, the libavcodec option is selected.

It is entirely possible that Winamp may already be able to play FLV files after this installation, but more must be done to correctly set it up. The next task is to download an FLV Splitter, which can be found here, and to set it up. Installing this should be straightforward.

The final step is to link FFDShow with Winamp and the FLV files you intend to play. To do this, load up Winamp and click options, then click preferences. There should be a listing in the scroll bar to the left side of the menu, with items such as ‘general preferences’ in it. Scroll down and find the list called ‘plug-ins’ and click ‘input’. To the right there will be a listing called ‘Nullsoft DirectShow Decoder’. Click on it and then click configure. A listing of file types will be in a data entry bar, to which you must add a semicolon and add FLV to the file types so that it looks akin to this ‘MPG;MPEG;M2V;AVI;FLV’. Afterwards, Winamp should be able to play FLV files.

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