Pokemon Analysis

To be straight up about it, this article will not help you get Mew on Pokemon Red nor will it tell you how to be the best at Pokemon Sapphire, but rather it is an analysis of the Pokemon series collectively and the cultural trends in the series.

Pokemon Ash

Pokemon: Gotta Catch ‘Em All

The catchphrase of the series is an interesting one, signaling the addictive nature of the series as players attempt to catch every Pocket Monster, contracted to Pokemon, available. The thing that is particularly interesting about this is that the monsters basically equate to animals in the real world, along with our cultural understanding of them. This includes a strong tendency to anthropomorphize them, or in other words the creatures of Silent Hill have very human qualities. In essence, this is something we also tend to do to our pets by dressing them up and otherwise treating them in a generally human manner. As such Pokemon can really be seen as representing very clearly human relations with animals. One interesting part of the Pokemon world is the suggestion that the Pokemon enjoy it, which indeed they seem to after being fought and hurt enough that they can be captured. This is basically in line with the general view that animals enjoy our company, after we essentially capture and ‘tame’ them from their natural environment.

Capturing Lunatone in Pokemon Sapphire

After being captured the Pokemon are then used in a variety of ways. Firstly as a friend or companion in a mutually beneficial relationship. Secondly as combatants, with the idea they both protect their captor and battle for his or her entertainment. Thirdly as servents that essentially work in the cities and such, for example in removalist roles.

pokemon removalist

Parallels to Entomogy

pokemon entomoloy

However, while some aspects of the Pokemon series certainly have a slight negative connotation in regards to how animals ought be treated, another side of the series encourages learning, study and exploration of the natural world. If Pokemon are allegorical to animals, then the search to discover new Pokemon is very close to biology and most specifically Entomology. In this way, the Pokemon series has essentially imitated the trend children have for studying animals by creating a world in which they are less dangerous and more readily accessible.

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