Silent Hill 3 Monsters Analysis

The monsters of Silent Hill 3 and their meanings explored in detail, with a focus on their significance to the plot.

Silent Hill 3 Monsters: Closer

Silent Hill 3 Closer

The closer has strong phallic properties in that it has two particular long and protruding arms that it uses to attack. It vaguely resembles a human, but describing it any further is difficult. Interestingly, it strongly resembles the Mandarin of Silent Hill 2 but is allowed above ground and also has phallic arms rather than yonic. This suggests that it is somewhat symbolic of the opposite sex, namely males in Heather’s case. It also seems to have needle-like weapons at the ends of its arms, with any piercing action being associated with sexual symbolism.

Silent Hill 3 Monsters: Double Head

Silent Hill 3 Double Head

The double head resembles a dog, wrapped in bandages with its head split vertically down the center. Its visage is probably a dual manifestation of Alessa’s fear of dogs combined with the pain of being burned, represented by the bandages. The split head is a symbol of how Heather and Alessa are split.

Silent Hill 3 Monsters: Glutton

Silent Hill 3 Glutton

The glutton is a very difficult creature to describe, as it basically is a very rough human-like figure contained in a large cylinder that is only represented by a circle above and below it. It very likely represents the baby growing in Heather’s womb, with the cylinder representing the womb. Furthermore, the manner in which it ‘blocks’ the hallway could be a metaphor for how a child blocks the birth canal during birth.

Silent Hill 3 Monsters: Insane Cancer

Silent Hill 3 Insane Cancer

The Insane Cancer is a large, essentially fat, monster that appears to have been overgrown with a cancerous mass. It’s skin is a pale colour and although it moves with a relatively quick pace its movements are also unbalanced causing it to fall over easily. This particular creature appears to have a similar function to that of the numb body, but rather than representing the fear of still birth it represents the fear of the baby developing cancer whilst in the womb. This is represented by it having poor motor skills, ala it falls over easily, as well as it having pale skin.

Silent Hill 3 Monsters: Leonard

Silent Hill 3 Leonard

Loenard’s appearance and behavior is defined by his views alongside his relationship with Claudia. As Heather sees herself as Harry’s daughter, and thus that Harry is good, she then concludes that anything that the father of Claudia must be a monster. This is further enhanced by her memories from Alessa, who recalls the abuse Claudia suffered at her father’s hands. As a result, his hands both have blades upon them and he swims about in the symbolic bowels of the earth.

Silent Hill 3 Monsters: Locker Monster

The Locker Monster that is trapped in a locker within the hospital otherworld is actually representative of the baby trapped within Heather’s womb. This is part of the reason Heather begins to pity it, as her maternal feelings begin to manifest alongside her desire to have a child. Interestingly, the monster in the locker is positioned upside down with its head facing the floor, which is the configuration a baby enters near when it is ready to be born.

Silent Hill 3 Monsters: Memory of Alessa

Silent Hill 3 Memory Of Alessa

This creature serves as the repressed aspects of Heather’s personality, namely the aspects that are associated with Alessa. The shame Alessa felt due to the tortures she underwent has formed a repressed part of heather’s personality, and along with it the negative aspects of heather or her ‘shadow archetype’. Where Heather has an expressive face, her shadow archetype is completely serious.

Silent Hill 3 Monsters: Missionary & Scraper

Silent Hill 3 Missionary and Scraper

The missionary and the scraper are supposedly cult members that have been transformed by Silent Hill. Both of them look very similar, being comprised of human figures with distorted faces. They also both wield the same type of weapon; a handle with a blade at the end which in whole vaguely resembles a syringe of some kind. It is entirely possible that they are actually both the same monster seen in two different ways depending on whether they are formed via Heather’s aspect of the subconscious or by Alessa’s aspect.

Silent Hill 3 Monsters: Numb Body

Silent Hill 3 Numb Body

This creature appears largely in the sewers, although at times also appears in places such as the shopping mall. It is also the first creature the player faces during gameplay. It is defined by its tripod like shape, with a lack of any arms, and its pale blue or seemingly frozen skin. Upon its death, it emits a sound resembling the crying of an infant. It also has a somewhat odd movement when it is forced backwards with a hit. As such, the artistic design appears to be a associated with the fear Heather has of having a still birth.

Silent Hill 3 Monsters: Nurse

Silent Hill 3 Nurse

Nurses, transformed into monsters by Silent Hill. There are two potential meanings for this, the first is that the nurses are seen as evil by Alessa’s subconscious and are thus manifest directly from her mind. The second is that, while nurses helping deliver a desired baby may be seen as angelic, when the baby is undesired they can be seen as demons and are thus manifested from Heather’s mind.

Silent Hill 3 Monsters: Pendulum

Silent Hill 3 Pendulum

The pendulum is an odd creature that makes a very intimidating grinding sound. It has a very odd shape with a metallic body, two heads at opposing sides of this body and walks around on three blades with said body in the center. In truth, it appears to represent sex between two people as the two heads are configured in such a way, with the body potentially being two bodies attached to one another. Subsequently it is most probably associated with the fact that Heather is pregnant, with pregnancy of course being the result of sex. Symbolically, this is suggesting that the pendulum is the result of sex and hence the pendulum is comprised of two human figures attached at the hip.

Silent Hill 3 Monsters: Sewer Monster

The sewer monster in Silent Hill 3 represents the umbilical cord feeding the unborn child, that will eventually kill her. It symbolizes that Heather must kill the unborn child if she wishes to live, or that she must die if she wishes the child to.

Silent Hill 3 Monsters: Slurper

Silent Hill 3 Slurper

The slurper has a clearly masculine shape, looking somewhat like a human male that crawls around on all four limbs. It also has a bill-like head, with a long snout. When it attacks, it knocks Heather over and attacks with its bill. This is most likely meant to represent something of a sexual assault against Heather, metaphorically referring to the fact that Heather became pregnant against her will.

Silent Hill 3 Monsters: Split Worm

Silent Hill 3 Split Worm

The split worm is something of a giant worm with a head that opens horizontally to reveal another head with sharp teeth. It appears to be somewhat surrounded by a mucous-like substance, with a purple outer layer and a fleshy inner layer. It is most likely a dual representation of male and female genitalia associated with the Birth process.

Silent Hill 3 Monsters: The God

Silent Hill 3 God

The god takes on a somewhat different form than many of the other creatures largely because it is born of Claudia’s imagination rather than Heather’s. As such it took on a partial form of Alessa due to Claudia’s belief that Alessa was her saviour, a deity of sorts. Furthermore, due to it just having been born it is not yet complete and its body is still in a skeleton form. The area in which heather battles The God is also symbollicly representing the womb, something she has to jump down into to enter. This is the reason for that odd white ghostlike being entering shortly after Claudia does, namely that it represents the male force required in bearing a child. Valtiel further represents this.

Another facet of interest is that the area in which you fight The God heavily resembles the Francis Bacon painting titled 1946, which can be found here.

Silent Hill 3 Monsters: Valtiel

Silent Hill 3 Valtiel

Valtiel is a clearly masculine figure that sneaks about Silent Hill and seems to be aiding Heather. While he has the odd aesthetic properties that all the monsters in the game possess, something is quite different about Valtiel in that his actions seem far more specific. For instance Valtiel buries, perhaps even kills, Claudia at the end of the game. The most probable explanation for this is that Valtiel is Heather’s Animus, the male aspect of her mind. As the male aspect of her mind, it acts in a manner that Heather believes males do in that it protects her by using violence and ushers in the birth of her child, even though she does not consciously want it. Furthermore, there are several suggestive scenes involving Valtiel including Valtiel ‘attacking’ other ‘feminine’ monsters as well as Valtiel torturing a tied up doll-figure in a suggestive manner.

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