Silent Hill 3 Themes Analysis

Silent Hill 3 themes analyzed by examining various aspects of them and their underlying meanings. It should be noted that this section contains spoilers so for those out there intending on playing the game it would be advised against. Furthermore, many of these observations are my own and do not necessarily reflect the creator’s conscious designs.

Silent Hill 3 Themes

Silent Hill 3: Pregnancy

There is a collection of themes that are prevalent in the game Silent Hill 3. The first of these is the theme of pregnancy, as the game itself follows the protagonist Heather’s pregnancy. Although the theme of pregnancy is presented as a clear element to the plot line via script, there are also a number of more subtle ways in which the theme is explored. Silent Hill 3: Facing the Shadow then the Anima

A seemingly commonly occurring theme in the Silent Hill series is that towards the end the player must first face the shadow archetype and following that the Anima. The shadow archetype essentially represents the negative aspects of our mind, often repressed, whereas the anima represents the female archetype of the mind, animus representing the male aspect. At least in Jungian psychology, the integration of the shadow as part of our conscious personality is seen as the ‘apprentice-piece’ of becoming whole with the integration of the ‘anima or animus’ the masterpiece. There are essentially two possibilities as to why Heather would be confronting her anima. The first is that because she has denied herself a lot of attributes we associated with femininity she must confront it to take on the role of an adult female. The second is that it was subconscious done by one of the game developers or designs to appeal to male gamers, thus simulating confronting the anima for them.

Silent Hill 3: Monsters As Manifestation of The Subconscious

The monsters in Silent Hill 3 all revolve around the combined subconscious of Cheryl/Alessa. As a result they each represent something to do with her fears and desires, as well as what is going on in her life. For the most part, the monsters of Silent Hill 3 have connotations associated with pregnancy.


Silent Hill 3 Monsters Analysis

Silent Hill 3 Sub Themes

This section will list a number of themes, some of which exist across more than one of the Silent Hill series.

Silent Hill 3: Fashion

Fashion as a theme is given negative connotations in a number of ways, some subtle and others decidedly clearer. The clearest example is the scene in which Heather walks by a mannequin, upon the mannequin going out of sight a scream is heard and when heather looks back the mannequin’s head is removed, apparently decapitated as the blood would indicate. This scene reflects heather’s dislike and jealousy of those she considers more physically attractive than herself. Mirrors also serve as another example of this as Heather has a strong dislike of them. Another example of fashion’s negative portrayal is in the scattered beauty magazine’s, to which heather comments that they are.


Silent Hill 3 Mannequin Room Analysis

Silent Hill 3: Mirrors

Although mirrors have connotations associated with the fashion sub-theme discussed previously, they also have a few connotations of their own. According to Lacanian psychology, at a certain age people begin to look at themself in a mirror through the eyes of their ideal crowd. The best fictional example of this is in the movie Taxi Driver in which the protagonist begins to shape his identity towards a more ‘ideal’ self and as it is changing he practices in the mirror by watching himself face his ideal crowd. The ‘are you talking to me?’ scene. The same analytical approach can be applied to Heather examining mirrors, the fact that she avoids them shows that she is heavily ashamed of looking at herself through this ‘ideal crowd’. This is also linked in with her dislike of fashion; she dislikes who she is for the reason that she has repressed the aspects of herself that she is ashamed of. These aspects are essentially her memories as Alessa, who has since become her shadow archetype or repressed negative aspects of her personality.


Silent Hill 3 Mirror Room Analysis

Silent Hill 3: Telephones

Telephones are a reoccurring theme in the Silent Hill series, a feature in them that sets the player at unease due to the innate tension we feel when receiving a phone call. Namely, with the older phones used in the series it cannot be judged who is calling or for what purpose. This combined with the unease already present between various characters and the tendency for any changes or interactions with characters to cause problems, such as Claudia killing Harry, makes the telephone a useful device for raising the player’s nerves.

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