Silent Hill Series Analysis

The Silent Hill series of horror games has a strong cult following due to its complex psychological themes and wonderful art design. Herein, the series will be explored with links to more specific explorations of each game.

Silent Hill Series Overview

The Silent Hill series is more than a survival horror video game series, it is an exploration of the human mind and the thoughts that drive humans in their day to day life. The games do this by allowing the player to explore a world created by one of the characters minds. Which mind the player is exploring differs from one game to the next, making each experience unique and enthralling.

Silent Hill 1 Overview

Silent Hill 1 follows protagonist Harry Mason as he searches the city of Silent Hill for his daughter, as strange events begin to take place and creatures attack him.

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Silent Hill 2 Overview

Silent Hill 2 follows the journey of James Sunderland, a recent widower who received a letter from his late wife saying she is waiting for him in Silent Hill. The game is a journey into James’ subconscious mind as he attempts to find out what is really happening.

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Silent Hill 3 Overview

Silent Hill 3 follows 17 year old Heather Mason, the daughter of the first game’s protagonist Harry Mason. While shopping in a mall strange events begin to effect her perception of reality. The game is coming of age story with Heather realizing what it means to be an adult female and potentially a mother.

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Silent Hill Downpour

While not yet released, Silent Hill: Downpour follows lead character Murphy Pendleton as he enters the town of Silent Hill following a prison bus crash while being transferred between prisons.

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Silent Hill Series: The Town

The interesting thing about the town of Silent Hill is that we as the players never actually get to see it, rather we see different characters interpretations of it. As a result, the town has a ‘personality’ of its own that changes depending on just who’s mind is altering it. This is why the same area, such as the Hospital, can be different in each game.

Silent Hill 1 Areas

The areas of Silent Hill 1 are defined by the combined mind of Cheryl/Alessa. As this mind is that of a child, the areas reflect the sort of places a child thinks about and generally avoid areas they do not. Subsequently, Silent Hill 1 features a school, a hospital, a house, the sewers and the lakeside as areas to be explored.

Silent Hill 2 Areas

The areas of Silent Hill 2 are defined by James Sunderland and his experiences in Silent Hill with his late wife. As a result of the areas being formed by James Sunderland’s mind, they have a much stronger adult leaning. The areas subsequently include a hotel, a bar, a prison, a hospital and an apartment block.

Silent Hill 3 Areas

The areas of Silent Hill 3 are defined by the adolescent Heather/Cheryl/Alessa. Due to this the areas have a strong commonality with he original game but have evolved as she is now quite older. There are also areas more associated with her older age, including dance studios and a shopping mall.

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Silent Hill Series: The Monsters

Silent Hill 1 Monsters

The monsters of Silent Hill 1 are generated from Cheryl/Alessa’s mind. As a result of springing from the mind of a child, the monsters reflect the thoughts and fears of a child. They also more specifically reflect Alessa’s experiences and pain through childhood.

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Silent Hill 2 Monsters

The monsters of Silent Hill 2 are manifested directly from James Sunderland’s mind. They reflect his inner turmoil and grief concerning the death of his wife, Mary. As a result of this, many of the monsters have a feminine form.

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Silent Hill 3 Monsters

The monsters of Silent Hill 3 are manifestations of Heather Mason’s mind, including her experiences as Cheryl and Alessa. They are also more specifically manifestations of Heather’s current pregnant state. Thus, the monsters are informed by the theme of pregnancy and represent ideas associated with it.

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Silent Hill Downpour Monsters

Not much is yet known about the monsters of Silent Hill Downpour, though they do seem to be related to the mind of the lead character Murphy Pendleton.

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