Dr. Nicholas Rush Analysis – Stargate Universe

Dr. Nicholas Rush (Robert Carlyle) is Stargate Universe’s lead intellectual and serves somewhat as the series antagonist as well as protagonist, with the series refusing to reveal more about his motivations and intentions. It is his tendency to make purely logical decisions alongside his unknown objectives that allows Rush to go from being the protagonist to the antagonist within a very short space of time, easily making him the most interesting character of Stargate Universe.

Dr. Nicholas Rush Overview

Dr Nicholas Rush holds a Doctorate in an unspecified academic field, though one related to research into ancient technology and mathematics. He gained his doctorate while supporting himself financially through University, having come from a poor family. He dresses relatively casually, is middle aged with the odd gray hair here and there as well as being relatively small in terms of height. It is made clear in the first episode that he is a widower, his wife apparently having died of cancer.

Dr. Nicholas Rush Personality

Nicholas Rush’s personality is extremely introverted, revealing little about himself to anyone around him. The prime example of this is when Tamara Johnson attempts to interview him as part of a psychological report and he answers, “No concerns, no complaints”, before promptly closing the door on her. He also manages to remain largely calm, but also is very quickly irritated when crewmembers get in the way of his goals. As a result, he often clashes with the military due to their differing views of what is important. This in turn leads to something of a nervous breakdown in the episode Darkness, due to a clash with Everett Young. Another key aspect of Nicholas Rush’s personality is that he tends to lie to people in order to manipulate them, or in other words he tends towards a Machiavellian approach to situations. The most important thing to understand about Nicholas Rush is that he does not particularly seem to want to return to Earth, perhaps because there is nothing on Earth for him after his wife’s death.

Dr. Nicholas Rush Ethical Views

While Nicholas Rush is often listed as Machiavellian, he seems to be so as a means of being able to direct consequences. That is to say that Rush’s moral views seem to be some varient of consequencialist theory, which argues that the consequences are what matters. The specific consequentialist school of thought he seems to adhere to is some form of utilitarianism. As such, his conscious motive for many of his actions may be an overall good of humanity through the discoveries Destiny may make.

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