Dr. Nicholas Rush Relationships – Stargate Universe

Stargate Universe’s Dr. Nicholas Rush (Robert Carlyle) relationships with other characters analyzed in detail.

Dr. Nicholas Rush’s Relationship With Camille Wray

Camille and Nicholas Rush have a fairly neutral relationship with each other, with her probably being his preferred leader over Young. She has enough wisdom to understand that Rush is able to hide, and probably does hide, many things from the rest of the crew. However, she also understands that they need him. Subsequently, she ranges from being fairly friendly to Nicholas Rush in some scenes to being in a vicious argument with him in the next.

Dr. Nicholas Rush’s Relationship With Chloe Armstrong

As Chloe tends to react in an extremely emotional manner to situations, whereas Rush tends towards calm and cold logic, the two tend to clash heavily. This particular clash occurs most specifically whenever the matter of human life enters a situation. Basically, the two characters do not like each other at all and it is highly probable that Chloe would be on Rush’s ‘expendable’ list.

Dr. Nicholas Rush’s Relationship With Colonel Everett Young

Young is basically Rush’s number one opponent on the ship, with the two characters clashing heavily and often. The main reason for this clash is a difference in moral philosophy concerning situations. Rush’s moral beliefs are somewhat similar to John Stuart Mills consequentialism, the greater good for the greater number. As a result, Rush is willing to do some morally questionable things in order to achieve an overall good. Young is a bit more Kantian in his approach, with a belief in honor and a willingness to risk his own life, as well as the mission, in order to do the right thing in a given situation. Episode 10 (Justice) had the most severe clash between the two, with Rush attempting to frame Young for murder and Young subsequently leaving Rush stranded on a planet. Despite the fact that they clash so heavily, it could be argued that Young and Rush are the ones who know each other best.

Dr. Nicholas Rush’s Relationship With Eli Wallace

Eli and Rush have a strange relationship in that they cooperate fairly well with each other, but Eli is also the largest threat to Rush. Rush’s power lies in the fact that he knows the most about the ship, but Eli is learning at such a rate that he may catch up to Rush and dilute that power somewhat. Accordingly, they have a friendly but cautious relationship.

Dr. Nicholas Rush’s Relationship With Gloria Rush

While, so far, little has been revealed about Nicholas Rush’s wife, from his reaction to her photograph as well as still wearing a wedding ring it would seem that Rush was very much in love with his late wife. It is also suggested that he dove fanatically into his work following her death, a common trend for people suffering from depression.

Dr. Nicholas Rush’s Relationship With Matthew Scott

Rush and Scott do not particularly seem to interact with each other all that often, largely avoiding on another. When they do interact Scott is a little lost on how to deal with Rush, thus unable to understand when Rush is attempting to use him. As seen in the first episode, Scot does understand that Rush is vital to the survival of those onboard.

Dr. Nicholas Rush’s Relationship With Ronald Greer

Rush and Greer probably have the most in common as characters, as both are willing to do what ‘needs’ to be done whether people like it or not. However, they are different in that Greer is a military man and Rush has distaste for the military. This makes the relationship between the two characters very interesting, for instance in the episode Air where Greer threatens and even kicks Rush but also shoots a fellow crewmember on Rush’s command. In other words, Greer can often see Rush’s overall goal.

Dr. Nicholas Rush’s Relationship With Tamara Johansen

Johansen’s ability to emphasize with others means she has the most positive relationship with Rush through not being strongly against him. Furthermore, because of her role as medical officer and in essence the primary care-giver of the ship, she tends to be more concerned for Rush than the others.

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