Reduce WordPress CPU and Memory Usage Easily

CPanel Advanced Cron

Easy guide to reducing WordPress CPU usage that is particularly useful for shared hosting. WordPress is  great publishing platform, but is seriously lacking when it comes to optimizing performance. To fix the bulk of performance issues associated with WordPress you need to solve two fundamental issues. The first is that for every page loading WordPress [...]

Crowdsourcing Information is Bad

Yahoo Answers Wrong

The rise of the Internet has brought with it the rise of crowdsourcing information, the practice of general people generating knowledge from their homes. Previously information resources were more likely to be appraised and sorted by word-of-mouth or information professionals such as librarians and educators. However, with the mixture of Google’s popularity-based sorting algorithms and [...]


Cleverbot Logo 2

Talk to Cleverbot and add your own Cleverbot quotes here. One of the great features of the Cleverbot chat bot is that you can embed it into your own website as I have done below. This is the ultimate Cleverbot fan page, where you can talk to Cleverbot and add your own quotes. Talk to [...]

Five Lessons Learned From Creating a Drupal Site

The five lessons I personally learned from creating a major site using Drupal. Drupal can be a wonderful system for creating websites, but it can also be a gigantic pain to use. Here are the lessons I learned from creating a Drupal site. Nothing is Ever Easy Very few of the modules in Drupal are [...]

Creating Good 125 x 125 Advertisements

How to create a good 125 x 125 advertisement to drive traffic to your website. With the increasingly growing BuySellAds network the 125 x 125 pixel advertisement format is growing increasingly popular. However, as the format is quite small it can potentially mean that your advertisement will simply not be noticed. This guide will show [...]

Does Authorship Markup Increase Clicks?

Google allows the linking of a +1 account with web content, which means that basic author information including a picture shows up in search results. The real question for webmasters, though, is whether or not this actually ends up helping the click-through rate on your content. In theory, having a picture should increase click-through rate [...]

Managing Trouble Makers in Online Communities

One of the difficulties in managing an online community is dealing with trouble-makers and trolls without hurting or completely ruining the overall community. To add further to this, many good, contributing members may also be inclined towards problematic behaviour towards other’s in the community. As an administrator, moderator or webmaster it can be very difficult [...]

Things to Know Before Using Drupal

Drupal can be a fantastic content management system (CMS) for people looking to create a website, but there are still some important things to understand before deciding to go with Drupal. Herein, I will list the important things to understand about Drupal before using it as your chosen CMS. Some of the things I am [...]

Cleverbot Analysis

Detailed analysis of the Cleverbot chat AI including quotes, analysis of how it works and discussion. Add your own Cleverbot quotes at the bottom of the page, learn how to trick Cleverbot and explore how the chat AI functions and works with this series of articles. Overview Cleverbot is an artificial chat agent, sometimes called [...]

Revenue Sharing Sites List

The ultimate list of revenue sharing sites which includes as many sites as possible that contain some kind of revenue sharing system or another. Revenue sharing is when part of the revenues a site receives, either through memberships or more usually through advertising, is passed on to users in some way, usually after they submit [...]

Must Have Drupal Modules

The must have, the best Drupal modules that you simply must utilize in order to get the most out of Drupal. For those new to Drupal, these are the modules that you should download and investigate first. While there are plenty of great modules that add many things to Drupal CMS, there are a few [...]

The Problems with Drupal

Drupal, a web Content Management System (CMS), has a lot of potential to make complex web development tasks simple. However, there are a number of problems that still persist that really do need to be fixed in order for the system to be a truly great solution to many web development problems. Herein, the problems [...]

SOPA and the Inconvenient Copyright Truth

SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is the current issue at the forefront of technology and internet enthusiasts due to the risks it presents to the online industry. However, many of the views presented are, to say the least, lacking in balance. Herein, I will discuss the SOPA issue as well as the serious problem of [...]

Telstra is Evil

Telstra is evil: examples of Telstra’s unethical and outright evil behavior. Telstra, or ‘Hellstra’, is Australia’s primary telecommunication company that has something of a monopoly over the telecommunications infrastructure. It includes the Telstra Bigpond ISP network as a part of the overall company. Herein I will give examples of Telstra’s unethical behavior. Misleading Behaviour One [...]

Questions I Would Ask Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts, a software engineer working for Google, has become increasingly popular as a person to ask webmaster related questions to. I personally watch a lot of his videos and much like many of his viewers I have questions. Unfortunately, because of his immense popularity getting those sorts of questions through to him proves somewhat [...]

Good Pair of Headphones for Under $50

While some of the more complex features for headphones are unavailable for purchases below $50, it is still very much possible to get a very good pair of headphones for under $50. Herein, a few examples of good headphones for under $50 will be given. Sennheiser HD 201 and 202 Sennheiser’s HD201 headphones are a [...]

How to Trick Clownfish for Skype

How to trick Clownfish for Skype revealed in this article. How to deceive the Clownfish AI bot using some simple tricks revealed. Basically, all computer chat bots created so far have a series of fundamental problems that can be exploited to fool them. Herein, I will detail some of those tricks. Clownfish’s Age One of [...]

List of Chatterbots

The ultimate list of chatterbots to converse with. This list includes details on a large collection of chat bots as well as information on some very useful bots for applications such as Skype. This list is not arranged in any particular order. Cleverbot Cleverbot is one of the more popular chat bots, providing some of [...]

Best Computer Practical Jokes

A list of the best computer practical jokes and pranks to trick your friends with. From using Google Gravity to replace Google to some fantastic tricks with wallpapers, this guide shows how to trick your friends with simple practical jokes. In order to reverse any of the tricks, simply follow the step-by-step guides but change [...]

What to Look For In Wireless Internet Deals

What to look for in Wireless Internet deals explored to prevent traps or incurring extra costs. This guide gives a few simple tips to make sure you get the right wireless Internet deal for your needs. The Contract The first thing to examine whenever buying any Internet deal, but especially Wireless Internet deals, is the [...]