Three Best Sci Fi Horror Movies

Deciding just what the three best sci fi horror movies was a not as difficult as making many other lists for the simple reason that the genre is very under utilized. Despite some of the best performing movies, economically speaking, being science fiction horror. Herein, three of the best science fiction horror movies will be revealed and discussed.

Three Best Sci Fi Horror Movies: 1. Alien

Alien remains one of the most terrifying movies ever made and also one of the most strangely beautiful. A team of space ‘shippers’ finds a communication signal on an unexplored planet and decides to go and check it out. There they find an Alien vessel, which seems to have a collection of eggs in its cargo hold. The content of one of these eggs appears to be some strange, scorpion-like organism that attaches itself to one of the crew’s faces. From there it just gets worse and worse, but also more and more interesting as more is revealed about the ‘Alien’. What truly makes Alien work is its tense and claustrophobic atmosphere combined with a constant feeling of dread.

Three Best Sci Fi Horror Movies: 2. The Thing

The Thing is a startling movie in that it exposes a whole range of fears that members of the audience have. Fear of the dark, fear of strangers, fear of being betrayed, fear of being alone, fear of isolation, fear of disease and even fear of the cold are all part of the Thing. What makes The Thing particularly affective is that nearly everything is threatening, from the environment to the whole cast.

Three Best Sci Fi Horror Movies: 3. The Cell

Some may find this particular inclusion on the list surprising, whereas others will consider it absolutely spot on. The Cell was a divisive film that told the story of a psychologist who uses a new technology to dive inside her patients mind. Normally her patients were children who had suffered abuse, but when a murderer goes into a coma she is needed to dive into his mind in order to find a kidnapped victim. This is essentially where the film becomes a horror movie with strange and intimidating imagery.

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