Top Five Scariest Movies

Horror movies have long been a popular genre for moviegoers as they enable them to safely encounter and confront situations that we fear, and hence to come to some kind of resolution concerning them. Herein, the top five scariest movies are listed and explanations given as to why.

Top Five Scariest Movies: 1. Alien

A lot of people tend to overlook the original Alien movie due to its obvious science fiction elements, but it is truly the scariest movie ever made without doubt. The design of the Alien, which was created by artist H.R. Giger, is in itself a terrifying visage. However, what makes Alien truly scary is its fantastic atmosphere of being cramped and unarmed against an unknown entity. Furthermore, the Alien itself is a corruption of the idea of pregnancy in that it grows inside humans and is ‘birthed’ by them. The whole movie just works great and is the number one horror movie to see, let us hope Ridley Scott’s prequel can live up to the original.

Top Five Scariest Movies: 2. Jaws

Another film that many overlook when judging horror movies, most probably because the film mostly consists of daylight shots. Steven Spielberg’s Jaws caused a sensation when it hit cinemas and an increase in the hunting of sharks immediately afterwards lasting until this very day. Once again, the scariest scenes of Jaws are ones in which the shark itself is not even visible, but its violent affects are. Scenes in which someone cis stuck in the ocean and the camera shows the shark’s view of their feet dangling in the water are some of the tensest scenes in the history of cinema.

Top Five Scariest Movies: 3. The Exorcist

For many people the exorcist epitomized all the religious fears infused in them as they were growing up. It was as thought all the talk of Satan and hell had suddenly manifested itself on the screen in front of them, it was the representation of all their fears. Some would argue that The Exorcist deserves to be higher on the list, but it has not aged as well due to the lessening of the power of religious views in the world. Despite this, The Exorcist is a very scary movie and deserving of third position in this list of the top five scariest movies.

Top Five Scariest Movies: 4. The Shining

Stanley Kubrick’s the shining was one of the iconic horror films and arguably the best constructed horror film. Based on the novel by Stephen King, the shining is packed with metaphorical meanings and symbolism. Furthermore, it contains some of the most obsessive film making with Kubrick making subtle changes to the areas themselves to instil a sense that the motel is ‘alive’. These subtle changes are scarcely noticeable, but our unconscious mind picks up on them and feels uneasy. It is as though there is a presence that we cannot see. These factors all make the Shining one of the best and scariest horror movies ever made.

Top Five Scariest Movies: 5. The Ring/Ringu

There is a plethora of Japanese horror films that are manifestations of concentrated nightmare, but The Ring works best because it uses items and symbols that most people use everyday. The plot centers on a video that causes people to die in a very specific way a week after it is watched. The back-story behind the video itself is sinister and very scary, leading to one of the best movie endings ever.

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