Top Five Video Game Guns

The top five video game guns based not on their power but how all round fun they are to use.

1. Stake Gun – Painkiller

By far the most fun of the guns on this list, the stake gun literally shoots wooden stakes roughly the size of an adult male’s forearm into the enemy. It is devastating in both long and short range combat but what makes it number on this list is the way the stakes remain in the enemy and even stake them into the floor, wall or ceiling. For this mixture of fun and power, the stake gun has truly earned its spot at number one on the top five video game firearms.

2. BFG9000 – Doom

Press the trigger of the BFG9000 and everything dies. Although every one of the doom games has included the BFG9000, the first doom it just worked better because it was at its most fundamental power, press the trigger and a bright green burst of energy hits everyone in your vision. These features make it one of the best video game weapons.

3. Redeemer – Unreal Tournament

A guidable mini tactical nuke that obliterates everything in its path, it is really the sound effect and slight delay before explosion that makes this weapon so great as other players in multiplayer scramble in vain to get away from the blast radius. It even got better and more interesting as the series went on, with the rag doll physics of the later games making it even more entertaining to blast their bodies all over the place. Overall, a great video game weapon.

4. Rail Gun – Quake 2

The rail gun launches a metal slug instantly through any opponent aimed at. What makes the rail gun particularly special is that it fires through multiple opponents, which makes it great fun dispatching five enemies with one shot as they crowd to get through a doorway. The rail gun truly shines in multiplayer, with it spawning a whole sub game of the quake series where only the rail gun is present. As such, the rail gun is one of the best video game weapons.

5. Hornet Gun – Half-Life

Whether this can even be called a gun or not is in question, the Hornet Gun is an alien device which rests a hive of hornet-like creatures which fire and chase down enemy foes. Whilst the hornet gun is not the most powerful gun, the sound effect of the angry hornets chasing down enemy soldiers as they try to run is great fun. This gun is further enhanced by the ammo slowly recharging, a weird and truly interesting gun it had to be number five on the list of top five video game guns.

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