Top Five Video Game Monsters

From the creepy to the powerful and entertaining, the top five video game monsters will be revealed.

1. Pyramid Head – Silent Hill 2

Before Pyramid Head was forced into every piece of silent hill related merchandise, it was no doubt the greatest monster designed in a video game. In its own right it was scary and intimidating, appearing akin to a butcher with an over-sized metallic pyramid for a head and wielding an equally over-sized sword, where Pyramid Head truly becomes the greatest monster is when it is realized that the protagonist of Silent Hill 2 and pyramid have a much closer relationship than first thought. For these reasons, Pyramid Head is the best video game monster and amongst the scariest video game monsters ever created.

2. Necro Giant – Painkiller

A towering behemoth that lives in a graveyard and one of the generals of hells army, the Necro Giant is a walking skyscraper that uses strikes to attack at close range and digs its claws under the ground to attack at a distance. When it is first seen, it is hard to believe that it is even possible to defeat. Everything about it, from its appearance to its tactics works wonderfully, an easy choice for second on the list of top five video game monsters.

3. Fiend – Quake

The pinkish, hunched over, large toothed fiend from Quake makes it onto the list of top five video game monsters solely because of its combat style. The fiend is a close range fighter, but to get in close it employs a powerful jump attack. The jump attack makes it truly entertaining as it leaps long distance at you, attempting to slam into you. There is just something great about a creature that is all brawn and no brain jumping from across a hallway to attempt to slam into you. Extra fun is when it misses and goes off a ledge or hits another monster and starts a fight with it. The speed and attack power of the fiend makes it one of the oddly scariest video game monsters.

4. Quicksilver – Vagrant Story

Even the description to the Quicksilver from Vagrant Story is great, it reads, ‘Dolls possessed by the souls of children who lost their lives to war or illness’. The Quicksilver is a knee-height, blonde, female string puppet doll animated by the city of Lea Monde. The giant crab from Vagrant Story was nearly chosen in place of the Quicksilver, but there is just something perfectly creepy about evil children that works so well.

5. The Zerg Overmind – Starcraft

An alien being that controls a large malevolent army of mindless, insect-like aliens which go about attacking and absorbing all other life forms genetic essence into their own until they can eventually take over the universe just had to be on this list. The Overmind is not so much a monster that you see as one that pulls the strings behind the scenes, the root of the Zerg plague and creator of the disaster which is quickly enveloping the Starcraft universe, the Zerg Overmind is a Machiavellian scientist and general rolled into one.

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