How to Trick Alice Bot

Alice bot has proven to be one of the harder chat bots to trick, but I have worked out how to trick it. In this guide I will reveal a few simple ways to trick ALICE bot. Questions About Time The easiest way to outsmart any chat bot is to ask questions that require a [...]

SEO Quick Reference Guide

This is a quick reference guide, a quick guide to SEO, for people attempting to utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The idea is that it very succinctly and quickly gives information about SEO for your website. Keywords – Words that people looking for information type in search engines (Can be phrases as well) <title> tags [...]

MSN Messenger Etiquette

MSN Messenger Etiquette is hardly the etiquette of formal dining, but rather a few simple rules and methods of behaving so as not to annoy others. 1. Don’t Bother People who are Away/Busy This one almost seems to go without saying, but people still seem to completely ignore the status of the user. If the [...]

Dynamic Facebook Like Button

Dynamic Facebook like button that allows the webmaster/developer to post this set of code on each page, and each will have a dynamic like button that when pressed likes the specific page. Dynamic Facebook Like Button Code for people trying to set up a dynamic facebook like button on their webpages. This code enables the [...]

Promoting Articles and Website Using Blogger

Promoting any website or articles using links from a blog can work very well to increase search engine ranking and page views in general. In regards to Associated Content, it can also assist in preventing indexing issues. Promoting Articles Using Blogger: How to Get Started The first thing to do is to create a free [...]

Five Things to Check Before Buying a Laptop

Five Things to Make Sure of Before Buying a Laptop: Does its Hardware Match Up? Before buying a laptop the most important thing to make sure of is that its hardware matches up to all that you intend to use it for. The most common issue here is the video card and video games. In [...]

View TGA Files: How to Open TGA Files

The well-respected and popular film critic Roger Ebert has made his fairly negative views in regards to video games no mystery with statements such as ‘video games represent a loss of those precious hours we have available to make ourselves more cultured, civilized and empathetic’¹. The question then is: is Roger Ebert right or wrong [...]

How to Set Up Readyboost In Windows Vista

Many users of Windows Vista remain unaware that performance can be improved quite significantly with nothing more than a spare universal serial bus (USB) flash drive and software that is included free as part of Windows Vista. So get your spare Flash drive, or buy a cheap one for under $15, and speed up your [...]

Funny Cleverbot Quotes

Funny Cleverbot quotes. Cleverbot is a learning AI that learns from what people tell it, look at the monster we have created! Funny Cleverbot Quotes: Cleverbot on Women: User: Are women clever? Cleverbot: No , their role is in the kichen. User: Are men clever? Cleverbot: Yes they are. User: Cleverbot, please be funny. Cleverbot: [...]

Making A Color Transparent in Powerpoint

Power Point Transparency

Making a specific color in an image transparent in PowerPoint could be a little more intuitive, but is possible. It is worth noting that sometimes an image seems to have a white background but actually has a few different grades of similar colors in which case this technique will not work. Regardless, the follow guide [...]

How to Convert Mp4 to Mp3 Using VLC Media Player


This guide will illustrate how to convert Mp4 to Mp3 using VLC Media Player step-by-step. VLC Media Player’s conversion system is a little rough so requires a few tricks to get it working, but once you work out the gist of it VLC Media Player works very efficiently. Herein, how to get VLC Media Player [...]

How to Beat Cleverbot

The Cleverbot chat AI has recently become popular as one of the better chat bots on the web. This guide will teach you how to beat Cleverbot, and almost all Chat AIs. It also includes one of the best Cleverbot conversations ever. How to Beat Cleverbot by Forcing a Contradiction As with all chat bots, [...]

Why Does Google Hate Me?

Google Loves Search Terms in HTML File Names

‘Why does Google hate me?’ is a question often asked by web developers that find their sites poorly ranked or even completely unindexed by Google. This guide will attempt to make Google love you. Google Loves Text If you find yourself ranking highly in MSN or Yahoo but poorly in Google the most likely reason [...]

Playing FLV Files in Winamp

Playing FLV files in Winamp is a useful way of accessing video files downloaded in the increasingly popular flash format, such as Youtube videos. As such, the difficult .flv format is becoming increasingly important for video players to access. Follow the steps below to get FLV files playing in Winamp. Playing FLV Files in Winamp: [...]

How to Use Wikipedia as an Academic Source

Referencing Wikipedia in an academic essay is generally seen as bad academic practice. However, there are methods and rules to utilizing Wikipedia that can significantly aid any academic research. Herein how to use wikipedia as an academic source will be revealed. Wikipedia as an Academic Source: What is Wrong With It? There are a few [...]

How To Trick iGod

This guide explores how to trick iGod. iGod is a chat artificial intelligence based on the ALICE bot that is meant to imitate speaking to god. The idea is that you can imitate speaking to god and it will respond accordingly. Overall, the bot is pretty good but gives too many vague answers. As with [...]

SEO No Follow Tags

This guide illustrates the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of No Follow Tags as well as how the no follow attribute is applied to links. The truth of the matter is that the exact value of using no follow tags to link to certain pages is unknown. One way of viewing SEO is to view pages [...]

Dungeon Keeper 2 on Vista

This guide will enable Dungeon Keeper 2 to run on Windows Vista and prevent Dungeon Keeper 2 crashes. I have spent a long time trying to get this game to run on my Vista laptop, experiencing multiple different types of errors until I came up with the fixes. Fixing Dungeon Keeper 2 Blackness/Black Boxes From [...]

Playing FLV Files in Windows Media Player

Playing FLV files in Windows Media Player is becoming more important as it is the format videos such as Youtube videos are stored in. As a result, this guide can also be seen as a guide on how to play YouTube videos in Windows Media Player. For those that do not have time to read [...]

Creating a Revenue Sharing Site

Creating a revenue sharing site is a fairly difficult task overall, particularly if you have a small time or are doing it as an individual. This guide explores some basic issues with creating such a site and just how they may be solved. Traffic The first and fundamental difficulty in creating a revenue sharing site [...]