Website Of The Day (December 2009)

The best, funniest, most useful or interesting websites listed below.

Website Of The Day: Google Adwords Keyword Tool (December 31)

For people writing articles online, looking to create a website, seeking to advertise online or seeking to display advertisements, Google Adwords Keyword Tool is an indispensable website that allows people to see the cost of advertising when certain keywords are used on a site as well as what keywords people are entering into search engines and in what volume. This is useful because it shows what phrases an article should contain in order to be ranked high in a search engine.

Website Of The Day: MIT Open Courseware (December 30)

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology hosts this absolutely fantastic website that delivers a large amount of there classes for free online. In short, they upload lectures in the form of video footage alongside practice tests as well as the assignments for the course. Using this website, you can learn a lot about a large plethora of subjects.

Website Of The Day: Rotten Tomatoes (December 29)

Keeping in line with film reviews from yesterdays website, Rotten Tomatoes is really the best place to go to check out how the latest movies are scoring with reviewers. What particularly makes it cool is that the pages are organized with quotations from each reviewer concerning the movie alongside whether the review was positive or negative. A percentile figure is then formed based on how many critics gave positive reviews. A great site.

Website Of The Day: Roger Ebert (December 28)

Roger Ebert is without doubt one of the best film reviewers, with some of the more interesting insights into films delivered in articles that are short and to the point. However, what makes Roger Ebert’s site at the Sun Times interesting is more the emails and letters he gets, as well as his responses to them, rather than his actual reviews. Something about him just seems to attract a lot of intelligent people to write in giving their opinion.

Website Of The Day: Associated Content (December 27)

Associated Content is today’s website of the day, a website that allows people to write articles and be paid for them based on a combination of upfront and page views. What particularly makes Associated Content a good website is that it is a fantastic entryway in learning to write for the Internet, as well as a general freelance writing career.

Website Of The Day: Failblog (December 26)

Website of the day today is Failblog, a comedy website that collects videos and pictures of people basically failing. These include some of the funniest news bloopers you will ever see, as well as other assorted movies. The pictures are also particularly funny, for example a photo of a psychic fair sign that reads “psychic fair cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances”.

Website Of The Day: Quackit (December 25)

Today’s website of the day is Quackit, a website dedicated to teaching people the basics of being a Webmaster.  What makes Quackit stand out as a website is its scope, a person can go from knowing nothing about being a webmaster to coding in php and potentially creating their own forum by following this site. Of course, this is not ‘simple’, but the sites instructions are very clear and as easy to follow as they could be.

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