Website Of The Day (January 2010)

The best, funniest, most useful or interesting websites listed below.

Website Of The Day: CommentHunt (January 9)

Comment hunt is a simple yet great concept: enable people to run searches over a series of blogs that have the Dofollow property on comment links. This way, blogs that allow backlinking to a website are found and can be commented on.

Website Of The day: Very Demotivational (January 8)

Very demotivational is simply a site where people can go and upload demotivational posters. It is the quality and pure hilarity of the posters that makes the site worth visiting.

Website Of The Day: Bukisa (January 7)

Bukisa is another website that pays freelance writers. In essence, you can write an article and submit it to get paid money based on how many people look at it, in the vicinity of $4:00 per 1000 views.

Website Of The Day: MSU Organic Chemistry Problems (January 6)

This is, to my mind, the single best organic chemistry resource on the entire internet. Basically, it is a series of Java applets that have organic chemistry questions, including drawing structures and identifying them. The site is a must for those who wish to study organic chemistry.

Website Of The Day: DeGraeve’s Projects (January 5)

DeGraeve’s is a site that basically hosts a whole range of personal projects of Steven DeGraeve. What makes it particularly good is that these projects are often very useful, for instance one of them is a favicon generator that allows people to make the icon beside a websites bookmark. The Favicon generator can be found here.

Website Of The Day: Instructables (January 4)

Instructables is a site in which people submit how to articles about various technical subjects, for instance articles pertaining to photography or on how to construct various types of generators.

Website Of The Day: Whirlpool (January 3)

Whirlpool is ‘the’ authority on Australian Internet, with up to date and useful information concerning the various ISPs as well as planned changes in Australian Internet Infrastructure. If you intend on signing up for a broadband package soon, this is the place to go first. The forums here are also probably the best I have ever personally come across online, with some real experts giving out high quality information as well as representatives.

Website Of The Day: Lockergnome (January 2)

Lockergnome is technology expert Chris Pirillo’s brain child, a website designed to deliver technology news as well as tips. What makes lockergnome stand out is that Chris is a true nerd, which means his information is just incredibly awesome.

Website Of The Day: Bad Science (January 1)

Bad Science is a section from the United Kingdom’s Guardian that is also published online. Basically, a medical doctor and psychiatrist named Ben Goldacre goes about debunking and highlighting bad cases of science, for example the flawed statistics of piracy as well as television weight loss falsities.

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