Armor Games Review

Armor Games review that attempts a balanced perspective on the gaming website Armor Games. Armor games is not a bad time waster and has grown to be quite a good source of free, browser-based games. However, it is not without fault and some of the games can be surprisingly low quality.

Armor Games

Game Quality

Earlier games were quite low quality but the developers have been getting better and better. Games like Heir have a great concept but ultimately do not work so well due to bugs, others like Sands of the Coliseum are legitimately good and even feature multi-player options.

One problem the site does have is that you often have to log in to play games. Asking people to sign up is a very annoying practice and becomes twice as annoying when it involves children as often they do not have their own email addresses. On the plus side, though,  the games are all linked into each other so that your score is recorded and compared to other players on a leaderboard. This can be a fun and addictive touch as you try to compete with others.

Armor Games Player Rankings

Quantity of Games

There are heaps and heaps of games available on the site. While no precise number seems possible to generate, it would comfortably be in the hundreds if not thousands.


The Last Stand Dead Zone

Some of the games are probably not great for young children. While the games on the site are hardly packed full of violent, they may have themes that are a little on the violent side. For example, their MMO The Last Stand: Dead Zone takes place in a zombie-apocalypse setting. Overall, children can probably play it but if you are the type of parent that is strongly opposed to even a little violence then Armor Games might require a little more supervision than other sites such as Friv.


Armor Games is a fun diversion particularly for younger people.

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