Questions I Would Ask Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts, a software engineer working for Google, has become increasingly popular as a person to ask webmaster related questions to. I personally watch a lot of his videos and much like many of his viewers I have questions. Unfortunately, because of his immense popularity getting those sorts of questions through to him proves somewhat difficulty so I decided to post this list of questions that I would personally ask Matt Cutts. If anyone knows the answer, they are free to reply in the comment section and I may even add their answer to the article along with a backlink or some such (with permission of course). Also, feel free to ask your own questions in the hope that Matt Cutts or another person may see them and have an answer for you. If you do answer, referencing your sources would be very helpful. Here are my questions for Matt Cutts.

Duplicate Content

Question: If a webpage has duplicate content and Google detects this, does it hurt other pages on the web page? Is there a threshold of some variety? For example, if my privacy policy is similar to other privacy policies does that hurt how all of my pages rank?

Question: How does Google treat duplicate content on an entry page, such as the index page, when that duplicate content includes only the first paragraph of an article? An example of this is how WordPress includes the first paragraph and title of an article on the front page.

Page Rank

Question: I am not completely sure this question relates to page rank or to other aspects of Google’s Algorithms, but what are the signs of quality Google looks for in a website? I have read advice suggesting that an ‘about’ page is important, or that authorship mark up is vital. Are these at all ‘directly’ important?

Bad Neighborhoods

Question: How much does linking to a bad neighborhood hurt a site? How is it calculated? I often have people linking to their websites through comments, is there a way I can tell if my site links to any bad neighbors?

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