Battlefield 3 vs Battlefield 2

Battlefield 3 has hit the multiplayer shooter world with something of a bang. Now that it is out and the advertising hype has worn off a little, the question of whether it is a better game than Battlefield 2 arises. I will give my thoughts on Battlefield 3 vs Battlefield 2, aiming for a somewhat balanced perspective.


battlefield 3 caspian border jet battlefield 3 caspian border jets

battlefield 3 jet cockpit battlefield 3 jets

Clearly, Battlefield 3 has far superior graphics to Battlefield 2. Firstly, the Frostbite graphics engine is simply superior. However, from a more in-depth perspective Battlefield 3 is also more polished overall in the way scoping looks, the animations and the graphical user interface. One complaint that has come up a few times though is that the graphics in the game are almost too good, almost too life-like. The problem here is that the battlefield can become covered in smoke and smog, which alongside all the hiding places and scrub makes it very hard to actually see your enemy. This is quite life-like, but it does bring up the question as to whether games need to have realistic graphics rather than stylized graphics. Team Fortress 2 worked wonderfully with cartoonish, stylized graphics.


Battlefield 2 already had a pretty good sound to it, but Battlefield 3 improves quite a bit on that. One complaint I would have about both games is that the guns just are not loud enough. They simply do not have the explosive, cracking sound that real guns have. That said, the percussive effects in Battlefield 3 when explosions or fire fights are happening in the distance are amazing. Furthermore, the way in which car alarms or store alarms go off when fights are happening near them really adds atmosphere far beyond Battlefield 2.


This is the part of my review that is likely to be the most controversial. Ultimately, what you think of the gameplay of Battlefield 3 comes down to what you liked about Battlefield 2. If you particularly enjoyed the overpowered nature of air vehicles in the second game, this game will be a little less appealing to you. DICE wisely decided to tone those vehicles down somewhat, as they were ridiculously overpowered in Battlefield 2.

Gamplay changes in Battlefield 3:

One hit knife kills only work from behind.

Much more customisation of kits

Grenades less powerful

Vehicles in general weaker

Spawn directly into vehicles, eg jets


As already stated, the vehicles in Battlefield 3 are toned down in comparison to Battlefield 2, which is great. Furthermore, there are custom equips so that you can attach more bombs to a jet, or more missiles, etc.

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