Best Alternative to Digg

The best alternative to digg that I have come across so far is While the site is not used so heavily, it has a whole collection of advantages over Digg.

First Advantage of SheToldMe Over Digg

The main advantage of SheToldMe over Digg is that while its basically the same thing, someone using SheToldMe gets a portion of the advertising revenue the site generates. SheToldMe does this by allowing a user to put in their Adsense publication ID so that every time that person adds an article to the site one of the advertisements on the site is ‘theirs’. This means that whenever it is clicked on, the person who posted the link gets paid. Given that Digg makes this revenue all for itself, its a wonder others have not moved to SheToldMe earlier.

Second Advantage of SheToldMe Over Digg

The second advantage SheToldMe has over digg, that renders it superior, is that the site is run in a more relaxed way concerning links. Though I am certain spamming links to your own site or articles would eventually get negative attention, posting a few links a day or so seems to work fine. Furthermore, the site has a pagerank of five, which is not bad as far as the net goes. If more used it, it would be even higher.


As Digg is exceptionally overrated and far too restrictive with their rules, SheToldMe is a far superior alternative specifically for webmasters searching for backlinks.

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