Best Computer Practical Jokes

A list of the best computer practical jokes and pranks to trick your friends with. From using Google Gravity to replace Google to some fantastic tricks with wallpapers, this guide shows how to trick your friends with simple practical jokes. In order to reverse any of the tricks, simply follow the step-by-step guides but change the appropriate settings to revert everything to what it was.

Google Gravity

If the person that uses the computer tends to use Google as their homepage, try changing their homepage to Google Gravity. When they go to click, the entire page will suddenly fall down, give it a try yourself: Google Gravity. It would be great if you manage to catch their face just as their entire screen suddenly falls down.

Step-by-step guide for Firefox:

1. Click the ‘firefox’ menu at the top left of the screen.
2. Then Options
3. Then options again
4. In startup, change the web address next to ‘home page’ to:
5. Click ‘ok’.

Step-by-step guide for Internet Explorer:

1. Open the Google Gravity page
2. Click the little house icon in the lowest toolbar at the top of the screen.
3. Click ‘add or change homepage’
4. Use this web page as your home page

Wallpaper Trick

This trick is one of the most popular, and also one of the simplest. Its really simple, take a screenshot of the person’s desktop, set it as the wallpaper for their desktop and then do something such as hide an icon or lower the start menu so it is below the screen. Because the screenshot includes the start menu, it will still be there but just as part of the wallpaper.

Step-by-step guide:

1. Press ‘Prnt Scrn’ key
2. Open paint, hold down the ‘ctrl’ key and press ‘v’ to paste the screenshot into paint.
3. Click the ‘file’ menu and then ‘set as background – stretched’
4. Now hide an icon or lower the task bar at the bottom of the screen by right clicking on the task bar, unticking the ‘lock the taskbar’ option and then drag it down below the screen. It will be easy to simply drag it back up later.

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