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BuySellAds review that explores the pros and cons of BuySellAds in detail, as well as how to effectively use the ad network. BuySellAds is an advertising network that basically facilitates the buying and selling of advertising space on specific websites. Its payment models are either CPM, which means per 1000 views, or  per month, which means a set rate for 30 day period. Herein, the advertising network will be reviewed with the intention of giving a balanced and fair review.


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The quality of the website, the ease of use and payment options are all great. The basic quality aspects of the website are all absolutely fine and are not anything to be concerned about for people potentially going to use the site.

Positives for Advertisers

The main benefit of BuySellAds is that it offers the potential to target very specific niche audiences by manually creating advertisements in a way that competitors such as Google Adwords cannot. For example, if you know for certain that a specific website has a group you wish to target, you can advertise only on that website and it works very effectively.

Another benefit of BuySellAds for advertisers is that it is cheaper, per click, than Adwords. Provided you can create a compelling image advertisement and choose the right website from BuySellAds publishers, you can drive some very targetted traffic to your site and hopefully make sales/conversions.

Negatives for Advertisers

The two methods BuySellAds uses to charge advertisers are CPM, which means a set rate per 1000 views, and per month, so the advertising space is availble for a 30 days for a set price. The problem with these two methods is that there is no assurance the advertisements will send any traffic to your website. While it is fine for a brand to use these techniques as just having the logo seen is enough, for people aiming at conversions it can result in an advertisement being completely ineffectual and yet the charge for advertising remaining. Google’s Adwords, in contrast, will only charge advertisers if they happen to send traffic their way.

Conclusion for Advertisers

It can be very effective and is certainly a competitor for Adwords. Just make sure you choose the websites you intend to advertise on carefully, spend a small amount of money testing before diving in and create an effective image-based advertisement.

Positives for Publishers

The absolute biggest positive for publishers is that it is relatively low fuss and lacks of the kind of harshness associated with Google Adsense. Google is renowned for being harsh on publishers, which has given rise to the term ‘Google Slap’ in which Google can quite unfairly deny service to publishers. It is not a problem I have had, but a lot of people report it.

The next biggest positive is that it can be used in conjunction with other advertising networks. There is no problem using Adsense and BuySellAds all on the same page, though be aware that there placement cannot make it seem as though they might be connected.

Negatives for Publishers

Google Adsense has a great benefit for content creators as Google has often collected data on said user already so can target them with advertisements that the content of your website may not be able to target. As a result there are certain niches that will be unpopular for BuySellAds publishers but quite high earning due to traffic volumes using Adsense. While you can use both, it often comes down to a choice which network is used predominantly.

Another problem is that it locks you into your advertisements if they have already been bought. If you are using Adsense you can remove it at the drop of the hat, or change the positions of the ad. With BuySellAds that would be a breach of contract.

Conclusion for Publishers

Low fuss and easy, but there are no assurances that the advertising space will be bought. It is less consistent than Adsense. If you are interested in giving it a try here is the link:

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