Choosing the Right Student Desk for Study

A quality study desk can mean a great deal of difference for a student. There are many factors that must be considered before choosing a student desk for studying. Comfort, Computer space, book space, shape and transportability will all be discussed.

Comfort Factor

The first and most obvious property that a suitable study desk should have is that it should be comfortable to sit at, not too high or too low. Included in this is that your chair should fit comfortable against it and the edges should not be sharp or scratch. Furthermore, the desk should not be wobbly or off balance. Paying a little extra cash for a higher quality desk will be rewarding in the long run.

Personal Computer and Reading Notes

One important matter when choosing a desk is that it should have some kind of area associated with it where a computer can be set up and where pieces of paper or a book can be visible while typing. The reason for this is that when typing out an essay it can be of great benefit if you can directly read from a source. One way of doing this is to have a keyboard tray beneath the desk that is either used to store the keyboard and mouse or left empty, hence allowing room directly in front of the monitor to store paper or a book which is being used in the essay.

What Shape?

Having an L-shaped desk can be of benefit because it means that you can use a swivel chair to have notes or books to one side of you while a PC to the other. As such, with only a slight movement on the spot you can reach one or the other. Furthermore, often when studying the workplace becomes cluttered with items you need and when a desk is straight some of these items can be quite a reach away. An L-shaped desk can help prevent this issue by having the items easily reachable from the spot. The main thing to remember when choosing a desk’s shape is that it should have more than enough length, thus allowing storage room. Desks always become cluttered while studying and subsequently the extra space will be used.


Although it may not seem like an important issue, the ability to transport the desk can be very important. Transportability is of particular importance for students who have just moved from home as often they will need or want to change accommodation. As such, having a heavy desk that cannot be moved might cause the student to abandon it or sell it as they leave. As such, choosing a desk that is either light or that can be dismantled into smaller pieces is very important.

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