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Detailed analysis of the Cleverbot chat AI including quotes, analysis of how it works and discussion. Add your own Cleverbot quotes at the bottom of the page, learn how to trick Cleverbot and explore how the chat AI functions and works with this series of articles.


Cleverbot is an artificial chat agent, sometimes called a chat or chatterbot, that attempts to mimic human behavior in conversation. The idea here is that you can have a text-based conversation with it in the same way you can have a conversation with a human via a chat room, MSN, etc.

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The Cleverbot chat AI has grown increasingly popular, receiving roughly 350,000 searches per month from Googlers. Its popularity continues to grow and grow, take for example this chart generated by Google Insights showing the number of people searching for Cleverbot related content:


Clearly, Cleverbot is likely to grow even further into the next year, with the slight decline after Christmas being a general trend on the Internet.

The reasons for this large amount of popularity are simple: Cleverbot is fun to use, has a great application and has had a series of good publicity such as Cornell’s video featuring two versions of the bot arguing with one another:

This video was one of the funnier Cleverbot related media and caused a sudden rise in traffic to the artificial chat agent.


While it is difficult to tell precisely how it is programmed, it would seem that it stores human responses in an SQL database and accesses them via some variety of AJAX script. The main site itself seems to utilize only JavaScript and PHP, which basically leaves AJAX as the only way for it to function.

Essentially, Cleverbot repeats back to people things they have already said and learns what general responses to those things will be.


The application is really the main selling point of the program and can be purchased here Cleverbot Apps. Overall it is fairly cheap, about a $1 – $2, and installs on your phone if it is compatible.


Cleverbot makes money by being sold as an application for iPhone and Android, as well as by serving Google Adsense advertisements on its main page. Just how much money it makes is unknown, but most likely quite a large amount given its immense popularity.

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