Cloud Computing Positives and Negatives

The positives and negatives of Cloud Computing based service solutions explored in depth for those new to Cloud based solutions.

Fast Cloud Computing Definition

A Cloud based solution basically means outsourcing or having information technology resources supplied via Internet, in which the precise configuration of the Client/Server architecture is not a necessary detail.



The ability to very quickly set up the Information Technology services you require and to have them accessible from any computer that has the Internet, anywhere in the world, is probably the biggest benefit of cloud-based technologies.


Hosting your own server sets you up for a range of hacking attacks and such as ultimately you are responsible for your own security. However, if you host a server with a service such as Amazon you are protected by Amazon’s fantastic security. This is actually an advantage to cloud-based computing services that was not predicted early on.

Low Demand on Client Machines

As all of the heavy data lifting is dealt with on a server, this means there is a low demand on the hardware of client machines. The major benefit here is in regards to portable technologies such as phones, e-readers and laptops as they can now potentially be very simple. Google has taken this idea to its extreme by offering a series of laptops, called Chromebooks, which are barebones computers designed solely to run a browser to access Google’s various services.



The main problem with Cloud Computing is that it is somewhat intangible. Given that the layer being interacted with is purely software, where the hardware is and subsequently the data is for the most part a mystery. This could mean that different files that seem to be in one software area could be spread all over the globe. This is a major problem if there is a power outage where part of the data is stored, or if the data goes missing, as data recovery in such an instance seems to be impossible.


For organizations looking to use cloud based solution to their Information Technology needs privacy is a major concern. The problem here is that that they will be supplying information to a third party organization, information which may be very important for clients including financial details. Furthermore, has some of the organizations that participate heavily in Cloud Computing services are large-scale and have other services, it may very well be that the hardware hosts of a business are in direct competition with them which is a very problematic concept. For example, as trustworthy as Amazon may be hosting an online book store on their cloud computing services seems a problematic prospect.

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