Creating a Revenue Sharing Site

Creating a revenue sharing site is a fairly difficult task overall, particularly if you have a small time or are doing it as an individual. This guide explores some basic issues with creating such a site and just how they may be solved.


The first and fundamental difficulty in creating a revenue sharing site is the same as creating any site: traffic. Driving traffic to a website is one of the more difficult tasks for webmasters and there are no simple tricks to succeed in doing so. One option is to try to drive traffic by buying advertisements, but most revenue sharing sites are likely to share Adsense revenue so an Adwords campaign is not really an option. As a result the only two options for generating traffic to a revenue sharing site is an alternative advertising network, such as BuySellAds, and an organic campaign such as producing content and word-of-mouth.

Revenue Share

How much revenue to share is the next primary difficulty in creating a revenue sharing site. If you share too much of the advertising revenue, you will not make enough money to support the site and yourself. If you share too little, you may struggle to attract writers. Another difficulty here is that if you are going to later change the amount of shared revenue you should plan it so you will only change upwards in favor of users.


The framework you are going to use both in terms of the ‘idea’ as well as the software you are going to use is the next thing you need to consider before creating a revenue sharing site. The basic question is: just what type of revenue are you going to share? There are a few options here. The first is that you can share Adsense revenue directly by inserting writer’s Adsense ID into a percentile of advertisements on their content. The second is that you can pay based on page views, as Associated Content does. The last is that you can share other things such as Amazon earnings, as Squidoo does.

The next issue is what software you will use to host your site. While you could theoretically create a site that manually accepts content with HTML only, you are more likely to want to use some variety of Content Management System (CMS). The basic software options are as follows:

  • Custom
  • WordPress
  • Drupal

Building a custom revenue sharing site is a lot of work, particularly if the site is a complex one. A wordpress site is probably one of the easier ones to design, but also looks messy. Drupal is really the best ‘current’ option, but still takes a great deal of work just to set up yet alone promote.

My Revenue Sharing Site

I opted to create a Drupal site with Adsense-based revenue sharing, called QWhatDo. Feel free to give it a go: QWhatDo.

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