Creating a Good Study Environment: Setting Up a Home Studying Environment

Whether studying for school, college, university, trade or even for leisure, setting up an effective home study environment is crucial to enable effective learning. There are many ways in which an effective study environment can quite easily be created, some of which are obvious and some that are less so. Herein will be a guide to setting up a good home study environment, from the furniture to what items are contained within it.

Creating a Good Study Environment: Know Yourself

This is arguably the most important step to setting up a home study environment, to know yourself and what does and does not work for you. In particular, this is in reference to distractions. If you find yourself easily distracted by television or music, and hence drawn away from studying, then remove these items from your study environment completely. This is the vital step to creating a studying environment, to make it clear what the environment is about.

Creating a Good Study Environment: Choosing the Right Furniture

There are a number of details that are important to choosing the right study furniture for a study environment. Firstly, a good desk or table that has a space for both a computer and also for notes and books to go when the computer is no longer in use. Furthermore, the table should be very comfortable and probably even transportable depending on circumstances. L-shaped tables can be particularly good as the L means more easily reachable surface area.

The second item of importance for a good study environment is a good chair. A swivel chair can be particularly useful as often notes and books are scattered about everywhere, including on a bed. As such, a swivel chair can mean these items can be easily reached when they are needed, rather than having to get up to find collect them. Furthermore, the chair should be comfortable with good back support. Leather is almost always a good option when to comes to chairs.

Creating a Good Study Environment: Get a Whiteboard

Whiteboards can be a fantastic method of studying, as they allow formulas or whatever other important information is required to be displayed. Furthermore, whiteboards also allow fantastic rough workspace areas where a lot of the information relating to a question can be put all on the same. Furthermore, whiteboards are incredibly cheap so there is little excuse not to have at least one of these in your study space.

Creating a Good Study Environment: Lighting

Lamps and other sources of lighting are often irritating, as are lights that are too bright or too dull. A general ceiling light in a soft yellowish hue is by far the best lighting to study by for all save perhaps visual arts students, will probably require their own desk light to check their work’s colors.

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