Criminal Intent is the Best Law and Order

Criminal intent is the best of the Law and Order series due to the way that it presents its mysteries as being psychological and motive based. The entire Law and Order collection was and remains a popular staple of prime time television, largely due to its fantastic production values. As a result of this there is much debate on forums, YouTube comments, etc as to which series of Law and Order is the best. Herein, it will be argued that Criminal Intent is the best of all the spin-offs due to the way it presents its plots.

criminal intent logo

However, the major problem with both the original Law and Order and SVU is that it is essentially impossible to predict the murderer earlier in the episode. The general idea of detective stories is that the clues were all there and the detective illuminates them. As a result, in a Sherlock Holmes novel or an episode of Murder She Wrote it is technically possible, if difficult, to predict who is guilty quite early in the story. However, in Law and Order there is generally a major twist toward the end that reveals the killer, sometimes a completely new character that was not even mentioned in the story until that point.

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Criminal Intent fixes this problem in a very unique and interesting way. Rather than creating a ‘whodunit’ it presents the identity of the murderer at the start of the episode and the mystery is in figuring out their motive, their psychological modus operandi, their ‘intent’ as the title suggests. In this way the series is almost a ‘whydunit’. This enables the show to continue with its drama-based approach but also to offer a mystery that the audience can potentially solve by attempting to empathize and understand the criminal in the episode and thus arrive at the motive. This combined with the fantastic characters of the series such as Eames and Goren makes it the best of the entire Criminal Intent series.

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