Domo-Kun Angry Smashfest Review and Analysis

Domo-Kun Angry Smasfhest is one of the best free flash games ever made, without a doubt. It is well made, challenging, fun and even has a strong comedic vibe. Herein, Domo-Kung Angry Smashfest will be reviewed and analyzed in detail.

Domo-Kun Angry Smashfest Review

Domo Kuns Angry Smash Fest


The primary positive is that the game is simply good fun to play. It is smooth and polished with no real technical errors. The variation in game play is fun and the graphics are great. The game is also surprisingly small, loading very quickly.

Domo Kun Death Adder

The game also has quite a good sense of humor. The main character, Domo-Kun, is one-note to the point of hilarity and yet strangely represents the bulk of gamers and the way they go about solving problems in game. In other words, it kills and smashes stuff until it gets whatever it wants. In a strange way, it is perfect avatar for gamers in general and no doubt part of its appeal.

Domo-Kun Power Puff Girls

The villains, the Power Puff Girls, are somehow the embodiment of manipulative girls that constantly give Domo-Kun a hard time. However, one of the really cool things about the game is the way it references and makes fun of other games. Duck Hunt, Street Fighter and Golden Axe are all mocked effectively.


Domo Kun Dragon Knight

The game can be a little rough on your fingers as you have to keep clicking the ‘A’ key to attack. While this definitely serves the purpose of the game and the character well, pressing the same key over and over in rapid succession does begin to wear upon your fingers after a while.

Domo-Kun Cheap Boss Attack

The game is also not the easiest of games and the final boss battle is filled with cheap attacks that grow irritating fast. Many of these attacks also existed in the game it is parodying (Golden Axe), so to some extent it is just representing the game fairly..


Domo-Kun Angry Smashfest may be the overall best flash game made. It is simple, a small download, user friendly, engaging and funny. Without a doubt one of the best flash games ever. Even its faults are hard to focus on too much given that it is a free flash game.

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