Doom 3 Analysis

An in-depth analysis of Doom 3 that focuses on explaining why it was such a visceral horror game. Doom 3 was praised heavily for its fantastic visuals and graphics, but little focus was given on just why it was such a successful horror game in terms of getting under the skin of players. This article will explore in detail the horror of Doom 3, with discussion and analysis on why it worked so well.


Transformation into Hell

One of the major horror themes of Doom 3 is the descent into Hell. While other games have this theme, Doom 3 does it specifically well by slowly and subtly morphing the Mars station into Hell. One of the best things about this is the implication that the blood-red surface of Mars is hell, or was at one time overrun by hell, which accounts for the appearance of the planet. This also makes for some great foreshadowing at the start of the game, as there is something inherently creepy about the red landscape.

doom 3 base doom 3 mars landscape

doom 3 abyss doom 3 landscape

As the game progresses, hell begins to morph the base slowly. This first takes the form of lighting changes, the base breaking down and flames emerging as a result of gas pipes. This is what makes it so great; the base’s structure is used as it slowly transforms into hell rather than it changing randomly.

The first step in the transformation into hell is that the base begins to erode and collapse.

doom 3 base collapsing doom 3 decay

Then red lighting is used in a disturbing way, representing hell but vague enough that it might just be the lighting of the base.

doom 3 lighting doom 3 red lights

doom 3 crimson lighting doom 3 hellish lighting

doom 3 red doom 3 lights

Following that, the world begins to shift between reality and hell, represented by sudden changes from normal lighting to red, alongside hallucinations.

doom 3 hell shift 1 doom 3 hell shift 2

doom 3 morphing doom 3 morphing to hell

doom 3 more morphing doom 3 even more morphing

A growth then begins to show up in the base, climbing down walls and along hallways.

doom 3 growth doom 3 evil growth

doom 3 growth on base doom 3 growth on walls

This growth becomes more and more hellish in appearance.

doom 3 hellish growth doom 3 hell invades

Finally, the player teleports using a disturbing wormhole system and ends up directly in hell.

doom 3 teleport doom 3 hell

doom 3 hell image doom 3 hell level

It is this slow descent into hell that makes Doom 3 such an incredible, and disturbing, game. Unfortunately, hell simply does not live up to the earlier horror scenes. It works to better effect when it is infecting and corrupting the base.

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